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    Default silly romance package question

    I was looking at all the romance package and wondering if you have to be there getting married or on your honeymoon to purchase one? And if is there a price differance if your just doing it because?

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    The romance packages can be purchased by anyone. Couples is a resort meant to help put the romance back into your life. I believe the prices are the same.

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    You can purchase them no matter why you are at the resorts and the price is the same no matter who you are.
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    Nope and nope. You can select any of the romance packages regardless of what you are "celebrating" or not....

    i'm thinking we may use one of them since we'll have a ridiculous amount of resort credit for our upcoming trip.
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    Thanks for the answers. Here are more questions. How do I book them? And are the paid for up front or when we check out. We too have some resort credit that I would like to use. Sorry if the answers are obvious, I looked and looked and did find anything about paying.

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