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    Default You know your trip is close when....

    So, here we are, just 4 days away from paradise. Bags are packed, nails are done, waxing tomorrow (ugh) but I don't think anything quite sums up just how excited we are like the scene I am witnessing at this very moment from my husband.

    Here is the scene: It's approximately 8 degress here in my small ontario town. The sun is shining, robins are hopping, and early signs of Iris' can be seen in the garden. Translation: WINTER IS OVER AND SPRING IS HERE! This of course brings great joy and a NEED to get outside and do something. Unfortunatly for my husband this time of year also bring a need to get outside and do his least favourite of all the least favourite chores: The picking up of my our beloved, adorable, too cute for words Yellow Labs poop that has collected in our yard over the winter. I'm talking approximatley 5 months worth of an 80 pounds doggie-dp. Yes, that is A LOT of crap. So, with that my husband bundles up, reaches for the i-pod and heads outside. To which I can now see him in our yard, bopping away to Bob Marley, singing "Stir it up" with a smile on his face....all while cleaning up dog crap! If that doesn't say we're crazy excited and our trip is almost here, I don't know what does!

    CTI in 4 days baby!


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    LMAO this was me too yesterday, my son thought I was totally nuts. Wish there was a better way to get rid of the stuff but with visions of paradise smack dab in the front of your brain you can get past what your looking at,it works well. Enjoy your trip to the fullest, no worries mon. Thanks for the chuckle

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    Fabulous!!! Have a lovely time.

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    That is so funny! My hubby just said he needed to do the same thing.
    We have a yellow Lab too. She is only 70lbs though. (on a diet).
    30 days till CSS! yaaaaaa..Have a great trip.

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    Sun Kissed,
    Thanks for sharing your story you definitely brightened my Sunday! I hope you and your husband have a wonderful trip! Hey when you are so close to paradise, even dog poo is exciting!

    Have a great trip!

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    Wishing you a wonderful vacation at CTI! Life is good!

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    Ditto on the clean up, but for a chocolate lab.

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    Default Runner44

    Have a great vacation at CTI!!!!

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    Ah yes, one of the rights of spring for northern dog owners. Here's a tip, get out there early in the morning when there's frost on the ground. Those little treasures you're picking up will be frozen. Take your lawn edging tool or a similar device to pry the frozen gems off the ground.

    Have a wonderful trip.


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