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    HEY, Does anyone have some good 411 on the zip line tours?
    Is that expensive and how long does it take? Is it a far drive from Couples Negril?
    We've always had frayed nerves after any extensive driving on the island. (Pretty Scary Mon!)

    And if you've done it...was it worth it?

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    We just got back from CTI and did the Mystic Mountain Zip line ($260+/- for 2 ppl) I think it was several hours from Negril, however. So you will be traveling quite a while. Plus, when you get there, the chair lift only takes 15mins and the zip lines take a total of about 45mins. But, the bus returns after about 3 hours. So you have a lot of time to kill (they want you to visit the gift shop, restaurant, etc.) We would not do it again because of the amount of time we spent and we only had about a 5 min bus ride. Videos of our zip line trips here:

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    We did the Chukka zipline tour. It believe it was $105 per person. We were gone for about 5 hours, It was a lot of downhill walking so if you go wear running shoes. We travelled from CTI so I can't say how long it would take from Negril. We thought it was worth it. It was so much fun but if your afraid of heights or amusement park rides, this tour is not for you.

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    I just booked a zip tour yesterday morning from CSA for 4/19/11. Cost was $89 pp plus a $21 transportation fee total was $110 pp. Pickup from CN is 8:15 am for a 10am tour. Here's the web site & a contact name just in case you would like to see.
    web site:

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