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    Okay so here's an interesting question...My fiance and I are getting married at CN this next January. I am inviting close family and friends, and my mom is a lesbian...are her and her partner going to have to deal with any ignorant people or is anyone going to give them a hard time? Really want to know because I don't want their vacation to turn into an awkward or uncomfortable experience!! Thanks!!

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    From my experience, seeing 2 women share a room especially as part of a wedding party will not draw any attention. Happens frequently.
    I have been going to CSA for years and have never seen people being rude to 2 women sharing a room. I'm sure it's the same at CN.

    Off the resort I'd keep the signs of affection to a minimum. Jamaica is not a very tolerant country for same sex couples.

    Happy wedding!

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    Jamaica is not on the top of the list of gay-tolerant or gay-friendly nations, but Couples' policy is accepting of 'all couples in love.' We have encouraged gay friends to go to Jamaica, and they have enjoyed it. This particular couple did not stay at Couples, but stayed at a related resort named Idle Awhile on Long Bay in Negril.

    I believe your Mom and partner will be treated respectfully by Couples staff. In fact, I would anticipate more problems from guests at the resort than from the staff.

    Here's my opinion: Couples, like life itself, is to be enjoyed by all.

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    When we were at CSS there was one lesbian couple there for sure. As we have many gay/lesbian friends I tried to pay close attention to how they interacted and were treated. I can honestly say that I saw no reaction from people around them and they were included in invites to volleyball and whatever just as any other couple would be. They were comfortable it appeared, as they walked hand in hand just like any other couple. Relax and enjoy the greatest time in your life.

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    At one time, Couples defined a couple as a man and woman in love. Today, however, Couples welcomes any two people in love. Your mother and her partner will be welcome and will be treated like everyone else.

    That being said, however, Jamaica is not considered to be gay-friendly and still has laws criminalizing homosexual behavior (as do a number of states in the U.S.). Outside of the resort, they should refrain from public displays of affection in order to avoid unwelcome attention.

    We've been to all four of the Couples Resorts and have met several same-sex couples. Not one has mentioned being uncomfortable or being treated with disrespect by the staff. You all can expect to have a wonderful, memorable trip. Congrats.
    I know everything, and I'm always right (just ask my husband).

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    On the resort they should be fine. It is illegal in Jamaica, so if they go off resort they will want to be cognizant of this and not show affection while off the resort.

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    Cassie, On the resort, they will be welcome...ALL COUPLES IN LOVE....someone recently posted a review of CTI, I think and he and his partner had gone and commented how friendly and unbiased they found the resort. On the other hand, Jamaica is very unfriendly toward gay/lesbian, so as long as they are discreet outside of the resort there should be NO issues. CN is wonderful and you will ALL love it. Good luck on your upcoming nuptials and ENJOY.

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    Jamaica in itself is not "gay friendly" but the resort is for all "couples in love" I have seen some gay couples on the resort and don't believe they have had any problems. Hope all have a great time.

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    Good questions, and I understand your concern.

    A couple of points. Jamaica itself is very socially conservative. Homosexual relationships are not readily accepted by many of the people or by the society in general. That said, the resorts of Jamaica are, for the most part, islands of acceptance and tolerance. Couples resorts are included in those islands. The more delicate and difficult part of the question is the acceptance by other guests of a less traditional relationship.

    I would venture that for the most part your mom and her partner will have no issues at CN. Most folks will express a live and let live attitude and not give it a second thought. But, as I am sure you have encountered a variety of levels of acceptance and nonacceptance in the past, likewise you may anticipate some level of intolerance by individuals that can not be predictable as far as being overt or obvious. Some will keep their opinions, or judgments, to themselves. Some may make a public display of their ignorance. But I think that even these will be subdued and those people will simply avoid the issue by keeping to their own space. Fortunately Couples are for adults and couples only. Hard as it is to say, I think the absence of families with kids will be in your favor.

    Overall I think all your family and friends will have a wonderful time at CN, including your mom and her partner. I'm sure they have encountered resistance in the past and have learned to deal with it to some extent. I really don't think it will be as big an issue for them as it is to those that are intolerant of their relationship. And those sort will most probably be in the minority.

    Congratulations on your upcoming wedding. I hope and pray that you and your guests will have the best vacation experience ever. I am pretty confident that will be the case.

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    Think your Mom & her partner will be fine & not have any issues. Same sex couples are not a new thing for CN & from what I've seen while there, they are treated exactly the same as any other couple by the staff. Can't speak for what guests will be there at the time you are but the other guests really don't seem to care one way or another .... definitely not enough to say anything or cause them to be uncomfortable in any way. Being a part of a wedding party, no one would probably even notice that they were a "couple" since many wedding parties have singles with them. I'd say "No Worries" .... Congrats & ENJOY CN .... It's a GREAT choice.

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    I haven't been there yet (first trip is scheduled for June this year) but I did a little research on the topic and apparently although Jamaica itself is NOT gay friendly, your mom and her partner should be just fine on the resort.

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    Hi Cassie,
    Congratulations on your upcoming wedding! From reading other posts from past guests and from Randymon-Sr. Vice President of Couples Resorts, ALL couples are welcome. Your mom and her partner will have a peaceful, stress-free vacation at CN. Unfortunately, outside the resort there could be issues since Jamaica is not so welcoming to same sex couples.

    Again, best wishes on your upcoming marriage!

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    Couples is for couples in love, so your mom and her partner will have a great time at the resort. Now are they going to encounter people on vacation who are jerks at the resort? I would hope not, but you never know what kind of people will be there with you, the same of any place you go.

    I think and might be wrong... but Jamaica really frowns on homosexuality and I think it might even be illegal. Again I might be wrong I think I read it here on this MB a while ago. But again at the resort they will be treated great by the staff.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cassie View Post
    ...are her and her partner going to have to deal with any ignorant people or is anyone going to give them a hard time?
    It probably depends on who is there at the time. There are ignorant people the world over, so one just never knows.

    As you (or your mother) are likely aware, Jamaica is labeled as a particularly anti-gay country. That said, we've seen lesbian couples at CN and didn't witness any overt negative reaction. Although that doesn't guarantee they never experienced any.

    That particular trip had a large group (10, I believe) of women and there were a few probing questions from a few of the bartenders, but once they sensed there were romantic relationships going on, they quickly dropped the questioning.

    Jamaica in general may not be particularly gay-friendly, but all Jamaicans have an overwhelming drive to protect the tourist industry. Couples in particular puts extreme effort into the happiness of all couples in love.

    So overall, I'd wager that they will have a great time. Congrats on the wedding and have a wonderful trip.

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    Jamaica is not a gay friendly destination. However, we have on occassion seen gay couples at Couples and they were always treated with the same friendliness and respect that every other couple was treated with.

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    Of course you can never tell what the guests are going to be like before you get there. You could run into some rude guests there as easily as you would at Target or anywhere else. I have read that the staff will be as kind and awesome to them as they would to anyone else. The only negative might be when they are off the resort as Jamaicans are not as accepting as many other people are. Homosexuality is illegal there and I have read that violence towards them is fairly common. I think as long as they are not being affectionate or anything in public outside of the resort they would be fine. I believe that in many countries homosexuality is tolerated better when it is between females rather than males.

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    I've seen a few what I think are gay/lesbian couples at CN. There's no problem from the other guests. Quite honestly, everyone is too wrapped up with their own significant other to pay much attention and Couples welcomes all of those who are in love.

    That said, a gay/lesbian couple will be in the vast minority as Jamaica isn't considered a "gay friendly" country so it's not a popular destination for such couples. As long as they're ok with that, all should be good.

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    Jamaica is not a "gay friendly" island, however I believe if you read the FAQ section it will say that same sex couples are not discriminated against. We have not encountered same sex couples in our 4 trips to Couples, but that doesn't mean that there haven't been any staying there.

    I think given the Jamaican's view of same sex couples I would refrain from public displays of affection.
    Sharon "gravysgal"

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    Here's a Wikipedia article that might be useful.

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    Default I wouldnt worry at all

    Not sure why no ones replied
    However my wife and I just returned.
    It's a "couples" resort period.
    Everyone seemed to be very friendly and open minded.
    Granted we are a straight couple but I would be extremely shocked if anyone even batted an eye at a gay couple. We are all there for the same reason after all. The only way you'd draw attention would be extreme pda's, which would draw attention even if it was a straight couple ,just because its a more mature and classy type of place ( it's not hedo)
    Please do not worry and go and enjoy the most friendly beatiful resort we've been to as of yet. We'd return tomorrow if we could.
    Enjoy, you'll love it.
    Any other questions, just ask.
    Ken & Karen

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    Most straight men (myself included) secretly think Lesbians are fantastic.
    So I can't imagine them having any issues, however I'm not sure whether Couples may have occupancy rules on this.

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    Hi Cassie,

    You have received accurate responses. On property - No Problem, Mon. Off property - just no PDAs and your mom and partner will be fine.

    Couples Resorts

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