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    Default Need a good laugh?

    Just checked out Trip Advisor on CN. We're heading there ourselves in a few days for the 3rd time.
    There is a hysterical review on CN from some unhappy person that lives in China that worth reading if you need a laugh.
    He/she posted the review on 4/5 for a trip they took back in 9/10. I don't know where they really stayed (if they stayed at all) but I don't think it was CN.

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    I saw that review and couldn't believe it. But when I was on TA this morning, I saw that they pulled that review.

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    I saw it yesterday as well, it was so ridiculous I replied on the "report problem with review" to Tripadvisor as I thought it was suspect, I clicked on the viewer profile and they had posted two other reviews over the years and both were rated 1's. And low and behold it isn't on today. I was surprised, maybe I wasn't the only one replying to Tripadvisor?

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    Quote Originally Posted by rjammin View Post
    ... I don't know where they really stayed (if they stayed at all) but I don't think it was CN.
    We think it may be from an actual CN guest. The specifics cited (Lychee, a couple of the ET staff names) give it a feel of authenticity. There is also a picture of CN just outside Cassava during what looks like a major storm (the genesis of the poster's many complaints). Not that the picture couldn't have been appropriated from elsewhere, but that's a lot of effort for a planted post. There were a few odd comments about restaurants that didn't quite fit in to our CN experiences - not sure we understood.

    That said, their other posts on TA are all extremely negative, so it just may be one of those people that allows small things to snowball on them and ruin everything.

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    Looks like the put the review back on Tripadvisor with a reply from Couples management.

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    I read it and was floored at it. It really didn't sound like the same resort. I have to wonder if it was a legitimate post.

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    Default Wasn't there a storm?


    I think this review is legit, even though unrealistic. Wasn't there a big storm last September that knocked out CN's power for a couple of days? I remember reading CN reviews, both here and on TA that described no power, hardly any food available, etc. One of the big issues was that the neighboring resorts had power, but CN's backup generator wouldn't work, and it took a couple of days to get fixed. I think this was the same storm that partially destroyed "S" on 7-mile beach.

    I can see someone being disappointed due to the weather, but it's certainly beyond the resort's control.


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    His comment at the bottom about S* resort is hysterical. He says to stay there because it "looks nice." What a knucklehead.

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    Sometimes people just don't look at the big picture. They complained about having "too many rules" like the dress code and needing instructions to use the hobbie cats. Well of course you need to make sure the guests can actually use one before you let them go out. Letting guests sail unprepared could have very serious consequences and you can't just take someone's word for it when they say they have prior experience, especially if the weather isn't perfect.

    It sounded like there was one point when the only resturaunt that was open was the one that had a dress code. If that is the case I can understand the frustration there. Many people don't know about the dress code in advance because they book through a travel agent that doesn't tell them or they use one of the larger online travel sites and never look at the Couples website. Many people who do know about it don't plan on eating there so they don't bring dress clothes. If that was the only restaurant open due to the storms then it does seem a little unfair to turn people away. Who knows if his description of that was actually accurate or not though.

    The whole thing sounded like a guy who had the misfortune of being there during some pretty bad weather and he let one thing upset him after another. He lost sight of the fact that operations just can't go on as normal in these conditions and that his experience was abnormal.

    The review I was more concerned about was the one for CSA that mentioned rats at the restaurant! He says he posted pics but I didn't see any on his review. Maybe they don't show up right away? Who knows, maybe he doesn't even have any.

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    Default If we stay at 1 resort can we go to beach of another ?

    We are going to CSA in 2 weeks and meeting our son & daughter-in-law there. They have been many times and love CSA. We were just wondering if it is possible to go to another beach for a day other than the beach at CSA?

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    Another beach or visit CN?

    You can visit CN if you sign up for romance rewards:

    As far as visiting another beach, while all of 7 Mile Beach is public and you can walk the length of it any time you are required to stay at the waters edge and keep moving when passing through any of the other resort properties, they will not let you wander up onto their beach area or linger. Margaritaville does have beach chairs out in front of the building and people were lounging there everytime we walked by but honestly it isn't much different than the view at CSA...Margaritaville is about a 5-10 minute walk from CSA. The rest of the beach is mainly vendors (what isn't resorts or Margaritaville) and you wouldn't really want to sit there. There is a public beach on the far south end of 7 mile beach I believe, the locals frequent it. But I think you'll find once you've experienced the beach at CSA you won't want for anything else...the ambiance is perfect, food and drinks are free and at your finger tips, why leave!

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    I really thought this guy was a true knucklehead. I am not sure why he felt that he should have an upgrade. And the horror of not being able to do any of the included activities, did this guy not look outside and see the storm? Oh wait, I remember now I did read somewhere that Couples had a bubble installed over CN so that bad weather never effects the activities.......

    But I thought the best was the complete dis on Jamaica......I am glad that he would rather go someplace else I would not want to share my vacation space with him

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    Default To Smack regarding visiting another beach

    We just returned from our 2nd visit to CSA. I can honestly tell you that you won't want to visit another beach as the beach in Negril is possibly the best in the world - really! The color and clarity of the water, soft sand, large size, ability to walk for miles, getting drinks easily, etc can't be beat!

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    I was in the mood last night to be a bit of a B____. I decided to send a message to the guy from China with my thoughts on his so called review.

    Here is what I sent:

    What a pile of crap! When you vacation during hurricane season you might just experience one! I would have been more than happy to send you out to sea in a hobie cat! People died all across the island while you were pouting about having to wear a shirt with sleeves boo hoo

    I was shocked to see a reply tonight in my inbox. Here it is:

    I don't recall asking for your opinion but thanks for sharing what an immature idiot you are with me. You can't imagine that some people had different experiences than you? Don't send hateful and impolite emails to people as I guarantee no one is interested. An don't bother to email me again as you are now blocked.

    Apparently this guy is for real. Let's all hope we never encounter him on one of our vacations.

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    Marnies, good for you. I sent a reply to the person on the review for CSA, though I have never been there. They made the comment about the long winding roads, through "trashy towns". I asked if he had done any research and realized the distance from the airport and that much of Jamaica is poor, and I didn't think his comments were fair to people who, in many cases, are doing all the can. He said he thought they could do better...I didn't even attempt to reply back, but I do have to say his response was much nicer than the one you got back.

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