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    Default Start your CTI visit off on the right foot...Hugs

    As you arrive at CTI on the "welcome home bus" be prepared to be greeted by the very best bell captains in Jamaica..

    Captain Kirk,Byron,Everald and Emworth are the best of the best..Take a minute to get to know these four...The CTI loyalists know that I'm right on with this info.

    And...Take a minute to meet the sweet and beautiful Maxine in guest relations.

    My wife Peggy and I will be visiting CSS in May but we will do a Trading Places Day over to CTI..We can not be this close to CTI with out going over there...CTI is very special to us and man,their guests are wonderful also.

    Hugs from 10 0 C
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    Actually Tommy, it's our left foot. We are all starting out on our left foot, followed closely by the right foot.

    We were this close again TW. Now for next April we are booked April 12-24. I hope our dates collide with each other again.

    We will say hello to all for you.

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    Tommywommy, you're RIGHT!!! That"s why we are heading back "home" this September to CTI for the 4th time.

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    Here's hoping the new website has a "like" button as I would "like" your post. Loved pulling up in the bus and having Byron recognize and start waving. There's no place like home (click, click), there's no place like home (click, click). Dang still here in KY.

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    No matter how big my smile is when I get to CTI, Everald has a way to make my smile double in size. I blame any laugh/smile lines on him They are worth every memory.

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    LOL Vickyj....It was worth a try!!

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    Much love for Captain Kirk and Byron!!! They definitely stuck out on our trip. Amazing people.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Capt Ank View Post
    LOL Vickyj....It was worth a try!!
    Must be because I wasn't using my Ruby Slippers.

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