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    Default Our Reveiw of CTI

    We returned from paradise on March 12th, and after recuperating from terrible head colds will finally put out here our wonderful experiences from Couples Tower Isle. This was our 2nd trip to CTI, having been there 10 years ago for our 25th. wedding anniversary, and returned this time for our 35th with 4 other couples who were all newbies. We just knew every one of them would love this resort as much as we did, and we were right.

    The Couples website is of course completely helpful and gives you everything there is to know about all of the Couples properties, but personal comments from guests who have just been there is so helpful. I know we found the posts on this site to be a huge insight on what the renovations now offered, and were so glad to keep hearing that the grand old resort still had that wonderful ambiance that we fell in love with 10 years ago. She has a new face, but everything else that made us want to be repeat guests was still there, as you'll read over and over again on this message board.

    Leaving Wisconsin in March and landing in Montego Bay to temperatures in the 80's isn't a bad thing! We got there on Sat. the 5th around 12:45. The lines going thru Customs and Immigration were very long, and it took us over an hr. and a half to get thru there. But no complications and you need to just relax and enjoy chatting with other fellow travelers shuffling along inline. Then we collected our bags and headed for the Couples lounge, which was very easy to find, and there were representatives waiting to assist. Also at the lounge, a bar for beer or sodas and restrooms. We took advantage of the 2 Couples gals at the front counter there to do pre-check-in and that sure helped when we got to the resort a couple hrs. later. Just had to get our assigned room numbers when we got there. We had a super nice efficient fellow at the airport, who got our bags carted and eventually ushered us out to our bus that would take us to CTI, who we tipped well for his friendly service. We did not have any problems with any other persons trying to grab our bags and get tips. Our bus ride down to Ocho Rios was such fun! We had Doctor SA as our driver and he proved to be an entertaining and very informative tour guide besides an excellent driver. After asking if he had any takers, he did a quick beer stop just outside of Montego Bay and all of our fellows were ready for a couple cold ones for the ride to our week of paradise. Doc also did a stop about half way at a food stand and bar, for potty breaks and then you could buy jerk chicken & pork and even meat patties. All of which my husband and I had been waiting for 10 years to partake in again!! Love that local jerk chicken!

    We arrived at CTI around 5:00 and the guys tipped our Doctor well for such a fun ride. It was so pleasant to be greeted by staff members that made you feel like you had just returned home to them, and were given cool face cloths and a cool drink. Our group of 10 were just thrilled to finally be here. Walking into the beautiful front lobby and seeing the ocean just beyond was breath-taking. Me and hubby remembered it well, and it was such a good feeling to see the others experience it for the first time. Now "they" know.

    4 of our couples had Premier Oceanview rooms and the other couple had a garden view. Since we did that pre-check-in at the Couples Lounge at the airport, we just had a few papers to take care of and were given our room numbers. We also took care of registering for our resort credits, which we had all gotten a nice package for booking early, back in June of 2010. That was really quick and easy to take care of. They already had our information that we were all to receive it, and so then all we had to do was present the voucher to the first clerk at the gift shop or where you would go first, and then after that, they simply deducted all your purchases off that amount, and would let you know how much you had left. We also went right to the desk to set up our excursions and dinners. And then we were taken to our rooms with our luggage and everyone was beyond happy with each of their rooms.

    Our room was #3224, on the 2nd floor, and right above the swim-up pool bar. Our friends all had rooms near by. We had an oceanview room last trip there, and knew we wanted to have one this time too. The ocean views from the balcony are incredible and will draw you out there time after time, night or day. Our couple with the garden view loved their room too, and we did invite them a couple times to have sunrise coffee with us on our side, so they got to experience that too. It was sheer heaven to be up with the sunrises and have continental type (only like a 100 times better) breakfasts on our beautiful balcony with that view. Then later go down to the buffet with everybody.

    We had such warm wonderful nites, that we left our french doors wide open each nite so we could hear the ocean and enjoy that tropical breeze and nite sounds. Remember, we just came from 21 degrees so we loved the 70 degree nites! No bugs at all in March that we were aware of, so no worries for that. A couple breezy nites, we just drew the sheer drapes across to keep it under control. There was only one nite where the wind was really blowing and we woke up to the sheers standing straight out across the room! That was a bit much, so we closed one side.

    Our room had a nice big king bed (that was super comfy), a writing chair & desk w/Ipod docking station, a table with a coffee maker and thermos of cold water, glasses and cups, a very nice roomy dresser and a casual chair with cushions (which we placed out on the balcony for the duration). Our bathroom was of fair size, there was a nice crank out window up higher, which was nice, since there was no exhaust fan. There was a tiled walk-in shower with a short bench, showergel and shampoo in dispensers mounted on the wall, plenty of towels, a couple hooks to hang robes or towels or partially dried swimsuits. (by the way, some people mention it's hard to get suits to dry in the humidity, but we had no problems) By the sink & vanity there was a bottle of lotion in a dispenser, and mounted on the wall next to the regular mirror was one of the best (or meanest, whichever way you want to look at it) magnifying mirrors I've ever encountered!! I grabbed a pair of tweezers immediately after using it the first time!! There was also a shelf under the regular mirror to place your toiletries.

    Then there was a very large walk-in closet! Inside awaited 2 nice cozy robes which I used, my hubby didn't. There was also inside there, the ironing board & iron (never used) a few hangers (not enough) with only 2 of them having pant clips, 2 folding suitcase racks (which I left our empty suitcase on one and then placed any souvenirs we purchased during our stay inside it until we had to leave, which we then packed everything into a folded duffle bag we had brought along to use as a carry-on for the return trip just for that purpose). It had a shelf all around the top for more room to place whatever. Some people say to bring extra hangers, but we just placed some of our clothes that could stay folded, up on the shelf. We tend to pack light, and it was fine. And inside that closet was the nice safe with a digital combination. Yes, I'm one of those goofy "have to be organized" travelers so I loved the closet!

    Our housekeeping staff members were wonderful, no complaints at all. Everything was kept spotlessly clean every day. The turndown at nite time was such a treat too. There was always fresh towels when needed, like I said, no complaints. Since there's the no-tipping policy we brought along bags of mini-chocolate bars and set out one of the coffee mugs filled each day with a note for them to help themselves. We had read that suggestion on this message board.

    From there our stay just got better. Our first nite there, after dinner at the buffet, we all walked out to the end of the pier and sat on loungers out there, enjoying how warm it was and taking in the ocean sounds, to just relax and talk and laugh. Everybody was just happy to be there. We had met some people on the bus from Montego Bay and they joined us too. That's how it goes, you make new friends to enjoy your experience with. It only makes it better.

    We had signed up for the Catamaran Booze Cruise for Wed. and also did the Dunns River Falls climb on Wed. Those were the 2 things everybody wanted to make sure we got in. We also had scheduled the Horseback Riding outing for Thurs. Which afterwards, we all agreed the horseback riding tour was just the best!! We did the early morning one so it wouldn't be too hot, and the whole outing was fun, with perfectly behaved horses, and spectacular views from several points along the way. It takes you up a trail on the Prospect Plantation, which is an almost 1,000 acre plantation, and you get an opportunity to dismount and are given a nice demonstration of their fruits and vegetables by an interesting little fellow who made us smile with his, "For Sure, For Sure, Everyday, Everyday". He even does a barefoot climb up and down a palm tree to show how it was done to pick coconuts off the trees. If in doubt that you'd like it, I'd suggest do it. You won't be sorry. My husband isn't a horsey kind of person like me, and he loved it. It's perfectly fine to wear shorts, but covered toed shoes are best. You do tip the trail guides when you get back to the paddocks and you can buy a CD from their photographer with pictures of your ride. I took my digital camera and took a bunch of our own pictures, but his CD is very nice. He even inserts some of his own close ups of plants and flowers. Very nice.

    Our weather was beautiful. The 1st. full morning there, it did rain for a while, and then as Jamaican weather goes, cleared up and was beautiful. Don't let the little rains concern you, they come and go. We were all able to get out on the Hobie Cats and Kayaks inbetween lounging on the beach and soaking up the fabulous sunshine. Oh, and they do have drivers that will take you out on the Hobies if you don't feel confident in sailing one yourself.

    None of our group was adventurous enough to do "The Island", which if you've read the Tower Isle website, you know is the Au Natural part of the resort. I mean, nah, we all work together....and socialize together. Know what I mean.

    We did the glass bottom boat tour, which was really nice. Good picture taking opportunity to get some photo shots of the whole resort from the water....without being on the Island! Some of our group went snorkling a couple times, which you are taken out on the glass bottom boat for that, and they said it was really great. There's an old mine sweeper boat that was sunk off the shoreline, and it makes a very good reef for lots of fish, and they do take the snorkelers out to dive by it. Our guys really got a kick out of going there.

    Just lounging on the beach is perfectly fine too, and it's kept so clean. Plenty of lounge chairs and floaties (nice foam pads on loungers) are for the most part always available. Which the floaties are so nice to just take out in the water and hang on to, to enjoy the ocean or use in the pool to do some tanning. Remember your sun screen!! Plenty of shade spots tho, in case you're more prone to want to take a nap without fear of frying yourself. The beach isn't Negril's 7 mile, but it's a wonderful place to be. We love that it's right there, down the steps and there you are. Everything is close, the bars, the pools, the restaurants, and yet it just never seems crowded. Plus there's that endless ocean view I'm so infatuated with. You see it from the whole backside of the resort, how much better than that can it get?!

    My husband and I had done Dunns River Falls last time, and since I have had a total knee replacement since then, we walked the edge and filmed the others with the camcorder and took pictures. The resort does do a nice movie of your climb, and you can buy it later for $45. (when we were there 10 years ago, it was $25!) You'll want to wear some type of aqua socks or water type shoes, that will make it safe for you. You can bring your own, or they do stop just before the falls and you can rent aqua socks, for I think it was $5. or something close to that. If you think you can make it, climbing the 960 foot Falls is just a must do! Be "careful" tho, it can be treacherous. One of our gals (she's an LPN) slipped and fell and hurt her wedding ring finger really bad. We thought it might of been broken, but it turned out not to be. If you were to see my movie, it shows her going down, and it could of been much worse. She was shook up, and got out at the next available exit, which there are a couple or so places you can climb out. We used lip balm and got her rings off (before it swelled too badly) while the rest of our group continued the climb. She had her fingers buddy taped for most of the rest of the vaca. So with that word of caution, just be careful and you will thoroughly enjoy the Dunns River Falls climb. The Falls guides do expect to be tipped at the end, and yes, they do accept wet money. Be prepared for running the gauntlet thru the vendors market at the top tho, and look at it as an interesting experience. Go into it with the attitude that you are not going to let yourself get upset by the intense competition from them to get you to buy their goods and not the next guys. You can barter with them all, and if not getting them down to what you feel is fair, just walk away with a polite no thanks. They'll be aggressive, but just walk away. The prices on similar (or exact same) items will really vary!! I'd say the whole outing takes most of the morning, and you'll be back to the resort by noon, in time to go have lunch!

    We did the Booze Cruise the same day, but we had plenty of time to relax on the beach and then be ready to go. It was a red flag day, meaning it was too windy for any water sports at the resort. Due to the winds, the Cat couldn't get into Couples dock, so they told us they were bussing us down to Ocho Rios to leave off a dock at another resort close to the big docks where the cruise ships come in to port. Now that was an experience!! We were on a smaller Catamaran, altho it was still a very large boat. But it didn't have the nice square decks on front and back like we saw on a couple that were already out with other groups. None the less, we had a blast. Rum punch was served, and there was music playing and the resort photographer came along to do some unique photos that you of course could purchase later back at the resort. He did dred hat shots and then "The Big Bamboo" ones. All really fun pictures. The deck hands had the crowd up and participating in a couple different music things, lots of fun. Considering the windy conditions, they only took us out aways, but we got to enjoy "really" big swells on the ocean. You were up and then you were coming down!!! Everybody was squealing with glee. And those up front got really, really wet. They couldn't use the sails, just the motor. It's normally 2 hrs., but this one only lasted about an hr. I suppose because of the windy conditions. And oh yes, there ended up at least 2 pukers on board. None from our group. We came back in by the 2 cruise ships that were in port and we anchored over by the public beach for a spell so people could jump in and swim if they wished. While anchored there, both of those cruise ships sailed out. Now that's an impressive site to see. After the swimming, we motored back to that resort, where you were expected to tip the crew as we left, they had a box for tips just as you got off the boat. We got loaded on the busses (which you tipped those drivers too when we got back) and were back to Couples, again in time to go shower and then eat dinner. Did I mention we ate "lots"??? Fabulous food. But what a super fun day. Besides the finger incident.

    We did do the 2 shopping outings. Now, here's where I throw out a word of advice. The one outing will be to Ocho Rios to the Gem Palace, which is duty free and a very nice place to shop. The other one will be to the gated and guarded Taj Mahal Shopping Center, also in Ocho Rios, which is also duty free and a great place to shop with lots of reputable jewelry stores.

    The first outing to Gem Palace, can be a very nice experience, but be aware....your driver might offer you "A 30 Minute Power Shopping Stop". Which is what happened to us. As we left Couples, he told us we were on the Happy Bus, and yes we were all having a good time, and then he asked us if we all wanted to do that 30 Minute Power Shopping stop. He laughed and said anybody that wasn't back on the bus in 30 minutes would be left. Remember this was called "Rainbow Market Center" and we did "not" know, it was not going to be duty free, so we all said, well sure!

    Now, this more than likely was an unauthorized stop for this outing, altho I'm not certain how it was arranged. But it was a very nice shop with everything in it. Booze, Rum, coffee, souvenirs of all sorts, the regular things you will find at all the stores and shops, and "will" also find at the Gem Palace... duty free. The clerks were offering better prices on everything, so, as we were checking out our purchases, which most of us bought something, we thought, wow, that's high, and then when we questioned it, found we were being charged 17.5 percent tax!!! Uh huh, our one couple had $45 in tax onto their bill. If we'd of been smart, we'd of just said, no way, and left it all and walked out. But silly us, we just shook our heads and paid our bills. There were clerks who literally stood by the entry doors and blocked that way, telling us we had to use the other exit. So the only way out of this place was thru the other side, where there was a jewelry part of the store, and where those clerks grabbed your hands and told you they had something nice to show you. Once we worked our way past them, we all got back on the bus, and asked our driver why we were charged the tax, and he wouldn't give us any kind of answer. Well we told him we were no longer on "The Happy Bus" and it was a pretty quiet ride to the actual place we were scheduled to go to. And which like I said, was duty free with no tax. The fellows at the Gem Palace were hearing all the complaints about the last stop, and asked us a few questions about it, which needless to say, they were not happy to hear about it. Another sign I don't think it was a scheduled stop. We had dealt with the one Gem Palace owner 10 years ago, and we had a nice chat with him. He told us if the Blue Mountain Coffee we purchased back there didn't have a state seal on it, and if it wasn't vacuumed packed, that it was a lower grade of Blue Mountain Coffee. He showed us his bags of coffee, and sure enough, our coffee we just paid $15 a lb. for, was not it. And...we paid tax on it to boot. It was a lesson learned. So, it's up to you, but if your driver should ask you about the 30 minute power shopping stop at Rainbow Market might want to say a big loud NO!!

    You will find that if you purchase your coffee and rum and booze at the duty free shops at the airport on your way home, it will be cheaper there and you don't have to deal with hauling it until you are ready to leave. One of our guys bought a bottle at that Rainbow place and paid $35 for it and it was $18 at the airport.

    Well, besides that shopping bummer, we did have a great time doing everything else. The entertainment for the whole week was terrific. We were so thrilled to see the Silver Birds Steel Drum Reggae Band perform the one nite, don't miss it. The beach party was superb. My husband and I had a wonderful Repeat Guests dinner at 8 Rivers with lobster and then our whole group had reservations another nite and it was superb. We tried all the restaurants. Plus the Pool Grill where I got my jerk chicken fix every other day, and the veggie bar down below by the beach. They had great dips and the most tasty homemade chips too. Some of the more active ones in our group took advantage of the gym, but the rest of us thought the exercise of lifting icey rum concoctions was enough! We thoroughly enjoyed the Martini Bar ontop of the resort roof with a slew of flavors (the chocolate ones are to die for) and even dancing, be sure to check that out!! The Piano Bar is fabulous, and be sure to take a look at all the old photos of the stars who use to hang out at the resort. I love the history of this resort!

    And our group used their resort credits for wonderful things at the gift shops, the photo shop and for massages!! We are so grateful that Couples puts out such marvelous incentives to book. It's like an outstanding bonus that others can't compare to. Another plus we found was that you can't beat the fact that Couples offers free internet service with a computer room, so you can email home and touch bases. Nice for people with a need to be in touch for whatever reasons. I know, your on vacation, but some things need to be checked on. Like kids or maybe elderly parents. Just be sure you have your passwords to bring up your own provider. And remember, you can always give your family members the Couples Resort phone number. It may be a pricey call, but at least if it's an emergency, you can be reached. I love my 90 year old mothers response, "forget that, your on an expensive vacation, they can just put me on ice until your back". Gotta love her.

    And so, we had absolutely outstanding service from every single staff member. Some of the staff members names that we encountered more than others, and were so taken by, were Brenton, from water sports, who was our special Packer Fan and great evening host! He was also a pretty darn good dancer. Matthew was a charming host and Katie offered such fun activities by the pool bar and gave us all such incentive in the evening to get up and dance. Ramone, a fairly new, but charming young man did an outstanding job of serving drinks on the beach and made wonderful smoothies at the spa smoothie bar. And then there was Gary, who sang us the most gorgeous church hymn while we were all sitting poolside by the swim up bar. And, you couldn't walk into the front lobby from an outing without the fellows up there, especially Kurk, giving you a huge smile and having fun with you. Those are just a few to mention, but everybody there was just exceptional and we miss them all.

    Having to pack Saturday the 12th. to return to the cold Wisconsin weather was a hard morning. But, a great buffet breakfast, a few hugs and lots of smiles, and wishes to come soon, got us all on the bus with no regrets, because we know we have to return and will do so as soon as we can. It sure won't be 10 years this time! It was a wonderful 35th. wedding anniversary (which was March 13th), and we have over 700 pictures and a couple movies to keep us going until we go home to Couples Tower Isle!

    For those of you thinking of trying Couples Resorts, especially Tower Isle....go for it!! You'll love, love, love it!! Thank you for taking the time to read my long winded account of our special vacation. Irie to you all, sincerely, Carol & Pete.

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    Wonderful review! We were there at the same time and I think we met some of your group. Adolph and Sue from Wisconsin.

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    Great report. Thank you for taking the time. We are thinking about booking CTI for our 10 yr anniversary too.

    A couple questions, what night is the beach party? Is there a bonfire?
    Also what was the bathroom like in the Premier Ocean view? Tub/shower or both?
    Post some pics! Would love to see them!

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    Wow! What a great and thorough review!Can't wait to return in 80 days! Love your mom's comment about being put on ice! LOL Can't wait to see your pics??

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    Thank you for the great review! Took me back "home!"

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    Thank you so much for the fantastically detailed review! Happy anniversary to you both! Only 145 days until wifey and I return to Paradise! P.S..Your Mom is certainly a treasure!

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    Default Thanks for sharing

    Thank you for sharing your great experience. Id love to see some photos. Happy Anniversary.
    Tara & David from Minnesota

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    Thank you for the wonderful review! We are also from Wisconsin and will be at CTI in 33 days. One question, though - I see you mention tipping at Dunn's River Falls, catamaran, etc. I get confused because of the Couples "no-tipping" policy. But exactly what does this, and does this not apply to? I don't want to offend anyone by tipping when I wasn't supposed to, and vice versa. Thanks!

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    You know Carol an Pete,
    We made our 1st trip to fall in love with CTI 1st week of March, to find our vacation home
    Morning of March 7th for us was kind of saddening too,, But Everold told us both,, You have to leave to go back home to come back home again ya know, Meaning next time we returned home to Paradise CTI,, We Soon Come Home Again Mon,,,
    Cant be soon enough either!

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    Wow, great review! Loved reading it! And congrats on our 35th anniversary!

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    Carol, I have to say that besides Crabracer, this is the second best review I have read about CTI. I am so glad that after 10 years that u still were able to enjoy the new additions. I hate what happened on your shopping trip. I would have been mad as h***. I hate that we r going to miss out on the horseback riding but, at least we will have the room service option. WOW 700 pictures. I can not wait to see how many we will have because when I am on vacation I have to take a picture of everything. Well I must say thank u for such a thorough and fun review.
    Terry & Tonia Collins

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    Carol&Pete, Great review!! Thanks for ALL the info. We will be going "home" to CTI in September for the 4th time along with our "newbie" friends. I will make sure they read your review. Thanks

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    Thank you for such a positive review. I am heading to CTI in July for the first time, and was a bit worried that it wouldn't live up to its reputation. I have been to CN twice and loved it sooo much. Going somewhere new can be a bit daunting but you have put my mind to rest. Thank you once again.


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    Quote Originally Posted by MurciMe View Post
    Great report. Thank you for taking the time. We are thinking about booking CTI for our 10 yr anniversary too.

    A couple questions, what night is the beach party? Is there a bonfire?
    Also what was the bathroom like in the Premier Ocean view? Tub/shower or both?
    Post some pics! Would love to see them!
    The Beach Party is on Monday evening. When we were there in January, it was quite windy so it was brought inside.
    The bathroom in the Premier Ocean view has a shower.
    Here are some pics from our room 3314
    Attached Images Attached Images    

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    Sue and Adolph, yes, I remember you were to be there with us fellow cheeseheads at the same time. We were the smaller group of 10 from the Marinette area. Not be be confused with "The Wild 30" Cheeseheads! Sorry we didn't connect, but I wonder who it was you may have spoke with from our group. We sure had a marvelous vacation!

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    Your review was super long but full of details. It also gave me some new information and was good for a few laughs. We are 10 days out...Thanks for tying us over as it is very hard to wait these last few days.

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    Quote Originally Posted by 2lovinJamaica View Post
    Sue and Adolph, yes, I remember you were to be there with us fellow cheeseheads at the same time. We were the smaller group of 10 from the Marinette area. Not be be confused with "The Wild 30" Cheeseheads! Sorry we didn't connect, but I wonder who it was you may have spoke with from our group. We sure had a marvelous vacation!
    Hi, I think Chris and Lauren were in your group? Chris and my husband both had rotator cuff surgery in January so they were comparing notes all week. We met so many great guests it's hard to keep track!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sueboo View Post
    Hi, I think Chris and Lauren were in your group? Chris and my husband both had rotator cuff surgery in January so they were comparing notes all week. We met so many great guests it's hard to keep track!
    Sorry it took so long to get back to the message board here, I have had a rough week, since I work for a small town newspaper and it was busy, busy, busy, and exhausting, getting our weekly paper to press with state and local election results! But, will try to answer everyones questions and comments. First off, nope, sorry, no Chris and Lauren in our group. You are so right tho, it's wonderful how many nice people you meet.

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    Thank you Spice505, I apologize for my endless rambling tho, didn't realize how carried away I got!! And how long it ended up...yikes. But thank you for the compliment and glad you enjoyed it. The whole vacation was just marvelous and I could go on endlessly (apparently!) to anyone who would listen.

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    Hello jhun421, thanks for commenting on my reallllly long review! Yeah, that tipping. Well, I guess it's simplest explained like this: Anything "at" the resort, no tipping is allowed. Anything "away" from the resort, tipping will be expected. Your drivers for the buses that take you to excursions and back will expect tips, and it is alright to do so. And like I had mentioned the people away from the resort like your Dunn's River Falls climb guides, or at the horseback riding, those trail guides will expect tips. I guess if you use that rule of thumb, "at resort" no tips, "away from resort" tip, and you'll be just fine. Oh, not a tipping situation, but just a tip for out at Dunn's River Falls, on the trek down to the beach to start your climb, for the fellow with the donkey. He offers pictures taken with the donkey for a price, but if you even point a camera in the direction of his ASS, he will hound you for money because you did. I had to just ignore him and kept walking. I thought he got kinda nasty about it.

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    Hello murcime, sorry it has taken me so long to respond to your comments and questions. It's sad not to be on Jamaican Time anymore, and we find ourselves rushing and busy again. But...our bathroom in the Premier Oceanview room had a walk-in shower with a shower curtain. I am going to try and figure out how to post some pictures on here this weekend. It can't be too hard, hope I can figure it out. I see someone else told you about the beach party info. My husband and I did miss most of that, as we had our repeaters dinner that nite at the 8 Rivers restaurant, and joined the others from our group for the beach party, when we finished eating. We did get to see some of the entertainment tho. Oh, and they said there was no bonfire. But lots of fire on stage from the performers!

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