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    Greetings again everyone! I was playing around the with the map and visual tours of the rooms. I booked a GVS at CSA. One of the GVS on the map did have a TV and the other did NOT. I booked this room because it had a tv and I didn't want to pay more to be closer to the ocean because I could use the extra steps while I'm there. Does anyone know if ALL the GVS have TV? If they do not, I have been reading in years past in August the resort isn't full capacity. Should I get a GVS without TV would the resort accommodate me with a GVS with TV if they had it?


    118 days!

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    All rooms at CSA have TVs except Atrium Suites and Beachfront Suites.

    Couples Resorts

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    GVS's are awesome, you'll love it!

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    Why would anyone care if there is a TV in place like this??? By the way, what is GVS?

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    Quote Originally Posted by VegasQuintuplets View Post
    Why would anyone care if there is a TV in place like this??? By the way, what is GVS?

    Garden Veranda Suite, newly renovated, mini bars, tv's, best price wise, very private, CSA's best kept secret.

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    Thanks guys! Can't wait!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sonofthebeach View Post
    Garden Veranda Suite, newly renovated, mini bars, tv's, best price wise, very private, CSA's best kept secret.
    What, besides the tv, is the advantage (in your opinion) of the garden veranda suite over the atrium suite. Talking w/ my travel agency they all recommended the atrium suite over the "GVS". Just wondering is all

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    Choosing a room is such a personal thing it's hard to say what the "advantage" is of one room category over another or even within a category a room location over another. I say that's a good thing, we aren't all clamoring for the same room!

    The differences...the GVS is less expensive than an atrium.

    The GVS has a TV the atrium does not (as you've noted), whether this is an advantage or disadvantage or mute depends on the couple.

    If you look at the map the row of buildings furthest back from the beach are the GVS, they are located among the grounds which are gorgeous. You will have no view of the sea but you will be able to take in the garden or rainforest-like setting of the resort and depending on how much time you want to spend sitting on your verandah that may or may not matter. Some of the atrium rooms have a view of the sea and some do not and you cannot make a room request, when you check-in you can ask if one is available with a view of the sea if that is your preference but ultimately you will have no control so between the two the view could be considered equal.

    The GVS's have the same verandah as the BFVS and OVS, a nice size varandah for sitting and enjoying a cup of coffee in the morning or a drink in the evening if you decide to do so. You will have a built-in lounger and a chair. The verandah with an atrium has a wonderful hammock as well as the furniture and the verandah itself is much larger.

    The GVS buildings are such that you may have a room with "regular"'ll have a door to walk in on one side and the french doors to the verandah on the other with white walls on the other two sides. Rooms on the ends have the shutters but again you cannot make room requests until check-in so you get what's available. The atrium suites all have the shutters on all the walls. It makes for a different appearance and feel to the room so it's just a matter of whether this would be important or a non-issue for you. Some people dearly love this about these rooms.

    I think those are the highlights. As you can see it's not really so much advantage or disadvantage except as it matters to you. People have stayed in the GVS and loved them. There are people here absolutely devoted to the atrium's. Personally, any room at Couples is a great room.

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    I can't answer for anyone else but I agree with your TA. The atriums suites have a lot of advantages in our mind. The windows are screened with those awesome shutters and there are windows on all sides of the room so you get an awesome breeze. There is an atrium between the rooms so you don't actually share a wall with anyone else. Since all the rooms face the atrium there is glass in those windows so you don't hear your neighbors. You don't really see them either since there are plants growing in that area. You could see them if you really tried but you would really have to be determined to do it. There are shutters on those windows too so you can close them. The GVS buildings do not have those atriums so the rooms share a wall like a normal hotel. They do have windows with the shutters but only on the exposed walls and those windows have glass, not screens. There are more rooms in those buildings, 8 (I believe) or more depending on which building you are in. The atrium suites have 4 in each building. Because of the layout it really seems like your own little bungalow rather than a hotel room. You can hear the ocean from many of the rooms and you get less road noise.

    The other nice thing about the Atrium Suites are the big balconies with the hammock. It's pretty private since there are only 4 rooms per building and there is not much traffic going past the rooms.

    We like the Atriums the best. The views are beautiful, some have a slight ocean view but all have great garden views. They are close to the activities we like to do and that part of the resort is really peaceful.

    They have mini-bars now but no tv. I am grateful for that because if they did ever add a tv they would also add glass to the windows and that would be a real shame. Opening the shutters to get a breeze and hear the ocean and birds is one of the best parts of that room. We do bring a laptop with us so if we want tow atch a movie we close the shutters and play one on the laptop. It works out well for us. I just set my home DVR to record anything I don't want to miss and then watch it when I get home.

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    I agree with SonoftheBeach. We would NEVER go with anything other than the GVS's... best value in the Carribean!

    "In an abundance of water, the fool is thirsty..." - Bob Marley - "Rat Race"

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    I thought the TV would be important but after seeing the Atrium suites we booked that room for November. First visit to CSA, 3 times to CN and 1 trip to CSS

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    Was just there in a GVS last month and they all have TV's. It's likely that you won't have the time to even think about using it.

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