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    Default Double digit countdown to being a Mrs. and 1st time couples member!

    Greetings all,

    I am getting soooo excited!!!!! It is officially 96 days to my wedding and 98 days till our very first trip to couples. I am already dreaming of what it is going to be like and all the wonderful people we hope to meet. My fiance (then husband) will be at CSS from July 11th-July 20th and we could not be happier. Couples is the place for us to having the most exciting and relaxing honeymoon possible.

    Any advice or comments are welcome and we look forward to our first of hopefully many trips to couples!


    Tara (soon to be Mrs. X)

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    Read the FAQs. They'll provide a lot of information on questions that you might have and will likely address questions that you haven't even thought of.
    I know everything, and I'm always right (just ask my husband).

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    You have a right to be excited. Enjoy the anticipation!! You are going to have the time of your life!!

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    Close your eyes, take a deep breath, now exhale slowly. There, feel better? You are about to have the TIME of your LIVES. The most important thing is to relax. You will be on Jamaica time and things move just a little bit slower there. It may be the heat, it may just be the way is is but enjoy it to the fullest. We are going back to Couples this August for the 6th time and we LOVE IT!!!!

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    Congratulations! You'll love Jamaica and Couples. We stayed at Couples Swept Away in Negril last year and going again this year in 3 weeks. Hope you and your husband to be have many happy years ahead of you!

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    Tara, how exciting. I will be at CSS from July 3 - July 17, we are getting married July 8!

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