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    Default Are we ready yet??????????????

    Here we are at another Monday. So far, just another routine beginning to a pretty routine week. I know that many people would agree, same old, same old.

    For all the April Amigos getting ready for "the moment".

    So if we take a tiny little peak in to our collective minds, we would see, hear, feel, and know that each of us knows that this week is anything BUT routine. Nay. Nay. We all know that each day that every minute forward brings us that much closer to "Couples Eve". It will be just a little different for all of us. It will be the first night that the two of you are kinda quiet. You scan the room, walls, floor, suitcases. The mind tells you that things seem to have finally gotten done. We are ready.
    Wow. And as that moment of readiness was agreed to by both of us, "Oopps., wait Rich, this has to go in the morning" We are still ready.
    And the night moves on to happy thoughts, smiles, hugs, long deep sigh,aaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh period

    We all eventually, find slumber. We all are smiling from the inside out. The "J" day is just a matter of hours..

    Then we hold each others hands, jump up and down in the kitchen, and giggle and laugh. More sighs of relief, sighs of pleasure, sighs of love. Perhaps different in your space capsule. But still pretty much the same. "We are ready, babe, hon, your majesty, sire". "We are all SO FREEEKIN R E A D E Y

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    Default only a lil' jealous

    we are just like little kids waiting for christmas! we are not heading to couples in april, but july! we are getting married and then heading to cn. can't wait and i have a feeling we are gunna end up making this an annually taken journey! have a great time!

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    We discovered Jamaica in 1993 and found Couples in 1995. We were smitten after the first two trips. Once having found, for us, everything and more that we would wish on a tropical vacation at Couples, In two weeks, we will return to our "centering place". A place to be with really good friends, even if you don't see each other the rest of the year. We truly do become centered in this place. For others, just the best vacation they ever had. There is something for almost everyone.
    This will be our 31 to CTI. We're more excited this year because we have made great friends with some rather nice individuals.
    I just wish it would hurry up and get here.

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    31 trip to CTI? To think I started out being jealous that you and your mate was getting to to the happy dance in the ended with 31 times??? WTF Crabracer you are WITHOUT A DOUBT my new idol and hero. I strive to someday say those exact words.

    Jealous and happy for all the "April Amigos" Peace Bre the Moonshiner

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    On our third visit to Jamaica, and first to Couples, we met Fred and Cynthia of the infamous"Islanders" gang. We liked all of them. At some point, Fred mentioned that they were on their 20-21 trip to COR. Syl and I looked at each other and thought, "Why would someone keep coming back to the same place"? We had never heard of that. We also had never traveled anywhere in the Caribbean. I remember saying after hearing how many times that had been there, "Now that's a goal I wouldn't mind achieving". But actually thinking, not in our life time. Clearly, it was not something either one of us would even entertain that idea. Go figure.
    Within a few days of being out on TI, with all these new amazing people, for Syl and myself, it was, and is, why we keep getting up every morning. We have this life at home that is only functioning in order to keep our tropical oasis mirage to continue to remain on the horizon for as long as possible. And when it isn't possible anymore, then I will work on figuring how to make it possible again. That's how important Couples became to us.
    And then 16 years later, we have 31 times to that little shrine. And other couples now want to repeat the quest once more. That is irony that just blows me away.

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