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    Greetings to you all. I have never posted anything before via message board so forgive me if I am doing this totally wrong. After many sleepless nights and hours of discussion my Hubby David and I decided to go to Couples Resort TI for a week rather than take a cruise (we have never been anywhere before but Las Vegas.) We are planning our trip for Feb 2012 so we will be able to take a break from our Northern Minnesota -30 below zero freezing days. I am a freelance photographer and can't wait to get my camera out, David is more a laid back type of guy would would rather hang out on the beach or spend the day in a hammock. This may sound silly but how are the little creatures there? Snakes, lizards, little things that crawl at night? I want to do a walking tour but am hesitant because of the creatures. The other thing is that I am excited to try all the drinks, but do they also come in non-alcohol? I would hope so! And feedback would be wonderful.

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    CSA had a menu of non-alcoholic drinks, it listed the ingredients so you could see if there was something in it you didn't care for...neither of us are crazy about bananas but we tried a couple and actually liked them, stuff is free so get daring and give it a try. I'm sure CTI has the same thing or you can ask. Also, we made friends with one of the bartenders who offered to make us drinks...she knew we were drinking non-alcoholic stuff...and she did a fabulous job so do that too!

    As far as at home they are more afraid of you than you are of them so they will skitter away from you. You will see little lizards during the day but even trying to catch a picture of them is tricky...and they are small and harmless. There will be crabs on the beach and sometimes on the sidewalks but even the big ones won't bother you unless you try to pick them up...they DO pinch if you try to pick them up but they aren't attack crabs. The sound at night comes from frogs, you will fall in love with that sound. You won't see the frogs unless you go looking and even then they can be elusive as well. It's not like there are wild creatures lurking about the resort. Do the tour and fall in love with Jamaica!

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    I have seen little lizards, but not really anything else. Of course it's just like little creatures here in the states...they are more afraid of you and will scatter quickly. I believe each resort has a nature walk they offer and you should do that to get some great pictures.

    Of course there are tons of non-alcoholic drinks so enjoy. Having been to CTI if you want some fun in the afternoon, go to the swim up bar. It's always very lively there in the afternoons. Have fun. You are gonna love it.

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