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    Default Is Videography a Waste?

    We are getting married July 2011. We are having stacey clarke do our photography and are debating whether to get a video done.....I have my own camcorder, I wondered if I could ask someone another couple to record it for us instead of paying an extra $200 for 15 min. ceremony. Whats your advice?

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    We have hired Marcia Roberts to do our photos and have hired the resort videographer to do the video. I have seen other videos of those done with their own camera and thats just as good, but I have noticed alot of wind noise on the unprofessional video.

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    You could ask another couple to record it for you if they're willing to take the time out of their vacation for that. Typically you won't have a problem with that as everyone is really supportive and wants to see your wedding day be perfect almost as much as you do. We had our wedding video recorded and they made it into a really nice presentation to include footage of the resort. Now when we look at the video we not only remember the special day but the wonderful resort we enjoyed together.

    Best wishes,

    Bart & Bug

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    We are using Stacey as well! We have her booked for photography as well as videography. It is more than just the ceremony... It will be for the whole time I beleive. I would check with her...

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    We were married at CN last June. We used the resort photographer and asked our friends to do the video with our Flip camera. It turned out great, except there was wind noise therefore unable to hear what was being said. My daughter took the video and added music to it for our reception and it turned out very nice. my honest opinion, if I had it to do over again, I would've paid extra for the resort to do the video. It's a little extra expense, but years down the road I think you'd be glad you did!

    Best of luck to you!

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    To be honest, unless you want to share the ceremony with family and friends when you get home, I wouldn't bother with the expense. I got married in 2001 (and will celebrate my 10 year anniversary at CSA with a vow renewal this December) and we didn't video tape the ceremony. And in the 9 years and counting since the wedding, I haven't wished we had. Maybe I'm just weird, but it was an expense that I didn't think necessary.

    I will totally recommend doing all you can for photography. Maybe take the money you were thinking of spending on videography and up-grade your wedding package, or hire an off-site photographer. I love our photos, but I wish we had spent more money on photos. So much so, that I'm thinking of having a local photographer do a session with us here before heading down to Jamaica and then using all our resort credit on photography.

    Just my opinion. Honestly, if you chose to do the video I can't imagine it would be a bad idea though.

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    Having been married now for almost 10 years, I can tell you that our wedding video is the only thing we still get out and like to watch, as opposed to flipping through the photo album. I had a friend video and wish I had put more money into the video and less in the pictures.

    FYI - we didn't get married at Couples, but honeymooned there and renewed our vows last year. But after all these years, the video is something we cherish more than the photos, but at the time I didn't think it was that big of a deal.
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    We used Stacey Clarke for our beautiful photos. I asked our friends if they would mind video-ing it for us and instead they surprised us with a gift of hiring and paying for the resort videographer!!! (this is something we had considered and decided we could not afford).

    He was there for the ceremony, the paper signing, first dance on the beach and cake & champange reception. It was tastefully edited, approx 20 minutes long, set to all 5 of our personal wedding songs and the only speaking part was our vows. It is wonderful. We viewed it at the resort the following day and I actually cried and have teared up the few times we shared it with our family & friends that were not there. It is a lovely keepsake for our children as well and for us to watch when we are old & grey! Worth it and knowing what I know now, I would have paid.

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    We got married at CSA in 04 and hired the resort video Guy. In a previous post I said it was the best thing we ever did. It turned out so well. We hardly look at our album but we watch the DVD a couple times a year. It is so special to me, it would be the first thing I would grab in case of fire. I think it was very worth the extra money.

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    I used Diana Campbell, she did photos and video for our wedding. The video consisted of clips of getting my hair and make up done, walking from spa to room, getting ready, the ceremony, signing, toasting cake, walking through the resort and saying 'bye' etc. She made it into a mini movie of our whole day (she was there for pretty much the whole day) and it turned out SO fantastic.

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    We were married at Couples Swept Away on the 26th of April. We booked Misha Earle for our photography and as a last minute decision (literally, the night before the wedding) we decided we should get the video since our families were all not able to attend. The video was great quality...but a tad cheesy with the effects towards the end. I absolutely think it was worth every penny just to see the smile on my grandmothers face. If you have any questions feel free to e-mail me @ I plan on posting a full review once I get the photos back from Misha

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    My video was a Tad cheesy also but I LOVE it!

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    would anyone like to share their video. It would help those brides that are still undecided.

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    Yes, please share!
    Although if you go to Youtube and type in Couples Weddings there are a few up there.

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    We were married at CTI (COR) 10 years ago this June. At that time it was the resort photograher who did the video on a VHS tape (no DVD's yet) every year we get the tape out and watch our video it brings back so many memories and gets us ready to go back to the place we love and call home, CTI (COR). I would say get it you'll look at that more than a photo album.

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    PS: I picked my music to go along with the video.

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    Why don't you use a tripod? So that way you don't have to count on anybody?

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    Quote Originally Posted by dianavr View Post
    PS: I picked my music to go along with the video.
    OMG I totally forgot about picking music for the video. How many songs did you pick?

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    I have to think about this:

    1. Walking to the beach ceremony
    2. After ceremony
    3. Leaving the cake cutting
    4. Walking around the hotel
    5. Back on the beach
    6. Waving goodby

    I really have to look at the video again to be sure. I will get back to you.

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    We hired the mento band for our ceremony and cocktail hour! They were amazing! The videographer used their live music during the video...I'll try to get it posted this weekend for you all.

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    DanandJill that would be great if you posted it. I am having the steel drum band, that would be great they used the music from the band on the video!

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    Dan&Jill I am also excited to see what your video! I hadn't even thought of a video.. Ash you hired the steel drum band.. how cool! I can't wait to see your video when you get married!

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