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    Default help...couples negril or sans souci?

    i have read every review on negril & sans souci & am more confussed on which one to go husband & i have not been on vacation by ourselves since our honeymoon 22 years ago so this is very important to me i get this vacation right...we're going the end of august this year.
    i read that sans souci has alot of stair climbing & there's sea weed in their water & the average age is 55-65..i was looking @ the 1 bedroom beachfront suite..any reviews on this?
    i read negril is also good & has a better beach area but never seen the average age group here & also read the rooms are "tired"...i was looking @ the garden suite here..any reviews on this one??
    i guess what i need to know husband & i are 40 & looking for a resort that has a great poolw/swim up bar,beach & of coarse great food!we're also looking for which couples has the best "included" activities.we love doing new adventurous things but @ the end of the day we love to sit back & relax.
    ANYONE with any suggestions,comments or recommendations PLEASE write me with the good,the bad & anything in between.i appreciate any help you can give me in making my decision for an excellent vacation! =]

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    CN...only because I have never been to CSS but it does look beautiful. CN has a beautiful beach, a swim up bar and pool that is the center of the activities, plenty of things to do during the day if you want, or you can do nothing at all. Average age, probably varies on the time of year. You will certainly find MANY in your age group though. Food is AWESOME, but that is true of all Couples resorts. I think if you want the pool and activities though, CN is the choice. HAVE FUN.

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    CN has a far better beach, but CSS is tropical and beautiful in a different way. It's a win-win, but here is how I see it.

    CSS (like many resorts on the North Coast) is very 'verticle' in that it is built into the hill/cliff overlooking the beach and water below. This makes for breathtaking beauty, but also for more 'up and down'. CN is flat ground.

    If watersports is a major focus for you there is a difference. The water and wind tends to interfere with watersports more often (not very often, just more often than in Negril) on the north coast than in Negril where the wind and water tends to be more calm. There is not prettier nor romantic place than CSS, but when I am planning to scuba dive alot I choose Negril for the more consistent watersports there.
    Have a great trip wherever you choose!

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    I would make a list of pros and cons--for instance, you want excursions. CSS includes Dunn's River, CN does not. However, CN includes Cat Cruise, but CSS does not. Don't worry about age group--it doesn't matter at Couples and can vary depending on many things. I think one thing that CN has going for it that CSS does not is it's Swim Up bar which is supposed to be the nicest in Couples. That being said, they have an amazing beach.

    I know you didn't mention it, but CTI just had 30 million in renovations with a new building of rooms that opened up 2 years ago. They have Dunn's River, Cat Cruise and the water sports in addition to the resort lay out is smaller so not so much walking. It is in Ocho Rios about 5 minutes from CSS. So if you do go with CSS, make sure to do the Trading Places to check out CTI.

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    Hi Scorpio,

    Been to Jamaica 12 or 15 times, 3 times to CN and 1 time to CSS and upcoming trip in Nov to CSA

    CN has a better pool and better beach

    CSS has better rooms and a great a/n beach. Yes, there are a lot of steps but we stayed in 'A' block and LOVED our room and the steps really do not cause a problem because the beaches/pools and most restaurants and activities are on the same level w/ A and B block rooms. My wife really loved the room service at CSS. The beach at CSS is small but very nice. From past stays in Ocho at CSS and other resorts it can be windy in Ocho more so than Negril which can stop watersports on windy days.

    Avg age can really vary depending upon the time of year, seems to be younger in the early summer months w/ lots of weddings and maybe a bit older in the winter months.

    We have been to Dunns River several times and it was fun to climb but would not go back again, the shopping trips and Margaritaville are tourist traps in my opinion.

    We enjoyed the cat cruise and Rick's cafe from the Negril resorts

    The food was excellent at both resorts, CN in my opinion had a better selection w/ more restaurants. I liked the entertainment better at CN because of the covered venue for stage shows, small area for this at CSS or they did it on the lawn in front of A and B block.

    So, tough choice, if rooms are more important to you then go to CSS, if a big beach that you can walk on for miles then go to CN or CSA.

    Food is great at both. We liked the Bohemian style rooms at CN but they are not fancy at all. We purchased platform beds for all of our children after we returned from our 1st visit to CN

    if you have any other questions, send an email to

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    First I would stop worrying about the average age. For one reason it really varies and for another, no one really pays attention to it.

    Second, I can 't speak for CSS - we are headed there for the first time this year, but yes I have read many times that there are a lot of steps. And that the beach is small in comparision to CN. I have also read that it is due for a renovation and the rooms there are getting a little tired.

    Third, you will love CN. Are the rooms tired, no I don't think so. But then again they are not glitz and glam either. We always just book a garden view room, would rather spend money on extra days.

    Finally, if beach is really important then I would consider CN. The beach is wonderful. But I think that everything else will be the same, great service, food and atomsphere.

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    Default - there is an article where Couples Swept Away in Negril came in #11. Not to add to your confusion, but Couples Tower Isle came in #7.

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    Default CN vs CSS

    This is like asking which of your 2 kids do you like the best! We have been to both CN and CSS several times and will do a split between the 2 in Sept. We love them both. CSS actually has 2 pools with swim up bars, counting the AN pool, so I'm not sure where that came from. CSS has 4 pools in all as opposed to one large main pool and a smaller dive pool at CN. The beach at CN is our favorite of all but we like the beach at CSS for what it is, small, private and relaxing. You can walk for miles on Negril beaches. At CSS the grounds are amazing and you can explore all of the many "nooks and crannies" around the 45 acres. The food and staff are great at both. It seems like the guests are a bit older at CSS than CN but itís not a problem and kind of varies with the time of year. Younger in the summer and fall so if youíre here in August it should be a younger crowd, at 40 you'll be fine. August will be less crowded as well. CSS doesn't offer a catamaran cruise but all the main water sports are included. You really can't go wrong with either resort. If you can't decide and are going for 10-14 days, a split might be something to consider

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    Default Our CN CSS Split Stay

    Hi Scorpio,

    We did a CN/CSS split stay last December. We stayed in the one-bedroom beachfront suites at CSS, and just a garden view room at CN. Rather than repeat my LONG review, here's the link:

    I did a slideshow with both resorts on it. You can view it here:

    Bottom Line: We (50-60's) liked them both, but CN is our home. The relaxed atmosphere, the far superior beach, the cat cruise, it all makes up for the bit "tired" rooms.

    You can't go wrong with either resort. Let us know which one you pick.


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    We just returned from css and I would love to share my humble and inexperienced opinion. This was our first all inclusive vaca as well as our first caribbean vaca so I have no basis for comparison but I still am full of opinions we were both there celebrating out 30th bdays and their were plently of people our age, younger, and older. I will say those older folks out partied me a few nights while I layed on the lounger on our balcony enjoying the entertainment from afar.
    The food was amazing and we particularly enjoyed the starlight gala! So much to choose from, prime rib, seafood, fresh pork (as in off the pig), pasta! Our favorite was being woken up by room service with danishes and fresh coffee and enjoying it on the verandah overlooking the ocean. We had the luck of trying both a beachfront one bedroom and a one bedroom verandah. Both were different but great in their own way. Being close to the beach was great but we really enjoyed being up higher and having a better view and a larger balcony. My favorite spot of the whole resort was the lounger on our verandah where I was lulled to sleep several night by the sounds of nature.
    I didn't see a single piece of seaweed our entire stay but I am from new england where seaweed can be a real problem. I came armed with bug spray but never used it.
    As for excursions we did dunns river falls and shopping. I was unsure about the falls but we had a blast. Bring a water proof camera, even if its a disposable and the guide will take pics for you on the way up. Whichby the way wasn't half as challenging as we anticipated. Shopping was a rip off and anything you can get there can be found at the gift shop with less hassle and for less money. We also snorkled for the first time and they took us to a sunken ship wreck. That was one of the highlights for me!
    So that is my biases opinion. We loved css more than we anticipated as we had done the secret rendevous and were hoping for negril or csa. We were very pleased and hope to return someday after we try out the other couples resorts. I am sure they are all equally fantastic, but we found css to be what we wanted/needed and more. If you are up for it take a leap of faith and book an secret rendevous. It takes the tough decsion making out, saves u a bunch of moolah(we saved over 800) and adds to the fun and anticipation. We didn't get our first choice or even our second but we still had the time of our life! Well worth it!
    Sorry this is so long I am still on my vaca high and everyone I know is already sick of hearing about it so you asked and you shall receive!!! No matter which couples you choose rest assured you made a great choice!!!

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