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    Default CSS - Feb. 1 for 10 nights. Photos and review.....

    Here's our review and photos of Couples San Souci. 10 nights, starting Feb. 1, 2011:

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    Excellent review thanks so much for sharing

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    Default Runner44

    Great review of CSS! We will be returning in two weeks.....can't wait!

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    Nice review, all in all. And very beautiful pictures. You do nice photography work.

    As for reserving chairs at 6:45 am - it is my personal opinion that this practice is exceptionally rude. I also think it's rude to "hold" them all day long with a towel. If people didn't "hold" them with a towel, perhaps there would be enough to go around for those who are actually present at any given time.

    All that being said, we've never seen a shortage of chairs at either Sunset Beach, or at the Island at CTI.

    It pays to be a nudie, I suppose!!


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    Default CSS Review

    I would like to thank you for the very informative review...both in words & pictures. We have now been to both CN and CSA but CSS tugs at me a little so I really enjoyed reading/hearing all about this particular resort. As you said, different tastes for different folks. We are very much beach people(Pennsylvania isn't lucky enough to have beaches like you have!) so we would probably really miss the beaches in Negril. However, the rooms and restaurants look quite lovely at CSS. I was also curious about the mineral springs. Again, thank you for taking the time to write such a complete review. I'm sure you have lots of great memories from another wonderful trip to a Couples Resort.

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    Beautiful pics! Thank you for the review.

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    Patricia, very professional looking photographs. You gave a very balanced and honest review and I appreciate that so much. My husband and I will be at CSS this April 16th for the first time and can't wait. However, I am concerned about the shortage of pool and beach chairs at CSS that seems to be mentioned often on these boards. We have been to CN and CSA in the past and neither had this problem. I am surprised this ongoing problem at CSS hasn't been addressed by Randy and co., since Couples seems so eager to please their customers. My husband and I are not the type to get up early and rudely reserve a chair all day, so I now am anticipating the possibility of feeling resentment on our much needed and anticipated relaxing week of celebrating our 30th anniversary. Sigh.

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    Default Nice review!

    Hi Patricia,

    Very nicely done. Loved your photos - they could have been used for the new brochures coming out! I can picture everything you say in your review. We are beach people (Iowa-no beaches), but the lack of one floatie per chair really got to us, too, and we reported it on our questionaire. This is something that CAN be fixed by management. I wonder why it hasn't been addressed.

    I fully agree with your lack of enthusiasm for buffets. We are the same way. I'm also surprised to hear the Repeaters Dinner was held outside. When we were there in December, it was held in the conference room next to Pallazina.

    Thanks for taking the time to post.


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    My husband & I were at CSS in late February, and NEVER experienced a shortage of floaties.

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    Thanks to all who responded to my review and pictures. I'm sorry if I gave the impression that the return dinner was held outside. It was not, and I'll go back to my review and make that clear. It was the cocktail party, prior to the dinner, that was held outside.

    busr25, I'm surprised (and happy) to hear that you did not experience any problem with chairs/floaties at the end of Feb. I don't know what would have changed to cause this, but I'm wondering if someone from CSS added more chairs after several of us complained in our check-out survey. I HOPE this is true since it was really our only complaint, and I'll be anxious to hear from others.

    I agree totally that people should not adopt a lounge chair for an entire day. I'll also say that we love spending mornings at the pool, and grabbing the chairs very early was the only way to secure a chair, umbrella and floatie. When we left for lunch, we vacated the chairs, removed all our stuff and spent the afternoons doing other things.

    Quote Allans_Angel:
    "It pays to be a nudie, I suppose!"
    LOL...yes, I think you may be right! And Sunset Beach is absolutely breathtaking. We were there for a couple sunsets when allowed us non-nudies access to that beautiful side of the beach! HaHa. The sunsets were accompanied by musicians, and boats were coming in from a day of fishing, and of course a favorite drink in our hands. I can't imagine a more peaceful way to toast a busy day at Sans Souci. I think if more people could experience that scene, the pharmaceuticals would start losing money on blood pressure medicine!

    Thanks to everyone for taking time to comment.

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    Thank you for the absolutely LOVELY pics, Patricia - you're incredibly talented!!

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    Thank you, gonegril, and thanks to the others who commented on my photos. Photography is a hobby for me, but I'm passionate about it, so I certainly appreciate all your kind comments!

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