CN- wow terrific posts. So many returning guests. We have been to DR, Mexico and trying CN for the 1st time. We have booked an oceanview room but thanks to the previous post, I see we may get a partial oceanview. I have a couple of questions.
Which is a quiet building to be in? Away from the road ( I read bldg 9 is loud). I am looking for a specific building to request when we get there.And, is the au natural that obvious to see from the rooms?
Also, do we check in at the lounge or once we get to the resort?
What is the WiFi like in the rooms?
Are the room safes standard size?
Of course I have read about how the resort is worn out but clearly the number of returning guests speak to how wonderful it is.
Oh, what is the golf like? And, what is the best spa treatment?
Thanks to the experts. I appreciate your tie in responding to my questions. Cheers.
We are going May 19th with another couple..