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    So, my husband and I can't wait to get to CSA, but almost every review we read is about how rooms need to be this true?

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    Have you read the reviews on this board?
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    While I do think the rooms are getting a little tired at CSA, the rest of the resort is so wonderful that this really feels minor. We've stayed at resorts in Mexico and the DR where the rooms were new and glitzy. But we didn't enjoy our time half as much. The beach is so amazing, and the rest of the facilities and activities so numerous and great, that time spent in your room is really minimal. I would love to see some new, higher end mattresses in the rooms, but I still think CSA is my favorite resort on earth (after 3 visits).

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    I have never been to CSA but LOVE CN. I see the same comments on Trip Advisor about the rooms. IMO, those are people who did not do their homework prior to going or expect glamour and glitz. If you look at the pix on THIS website and like the pix, you will love the room. That was something that impressed me on our first trip. When we opened the door to our room, it looked EXACTLY like what it did on the website. These rooms are nice, comfortable, Carribean rooms, not all marble and glamour that some people seem to like. I LOVE the rooms at CN and if some of those people don't like them...they can go to those Hotzy Totzy hotels and leave Couples to those of us who know it is more than the room that makes the vacation.....and these are darn nice rooms!

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    I don't know where you are reading these reviews, now and then it gets said but far from every or almost every. CSA is not about glitz and glamor in any part of the resort and that includes the rooms. Go to the web page and look at the photos, that is precisely what the rooms look like. They are simple but they really fit the surroundings. Nothing in the room is falling apart or in poor working order. The only thing we found in our room that was wearing were the seat cushions on the outdoor furniture but I've said before that the environment is hard on things...constant moisture, salty air, etc. I think if they were brand new they'd look rough in a matter of a few months. The cushions served their purpose and if CSA tried to replace those often enough to keep them looking new all the time I couldn't afford the trip. You will love your room if you've looked at the web page and know what you booked, if you are expecting marble and brass you need to go to Mexico.

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    e don't think it's true but some people might. You really won't care because you will spend so little time in your room. The beach and the rest of the resort doesn't need updating and that's where you will spend most of your wonderful vacation.


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    The rooms are great. Yes, there is just a basic tub/shower combo, sink and toilet in the bathroom....nothing fancy, just basic. The room has a tile floor and wood accents everywhere with white linen drapes and bedding. Everything is very basic and classic Caribbean. Maybe they could use a fresh coat of paint or some new bathroom fixtures, but doesn't almost every room need that? Don't worry, you are going to love your room and the verandah is the best. Enjoy. You won't be spending most of your vacation in the room anyway.

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    We stayed in a BFVS this past Dec. I thought it was great! These are not Bellagio type rooms, nor would I want them to be. When I go to the islands I love low key island feeling rooms I think if you have only gone to Excellence or Royal resorts you get used to the fancy rooms. Rooms are very clean and AC worked great
    So I vote it is UNTRUE!!! They are not run down with mold growing or paint peeling etc. You are gonna love it

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    Not very true if you know what the rooms are like before you go. I think some people go expecting Vegas type rooms. The rooms at CSA are not fancey. They are a laid back carribbean style, you wont find a four poster bed and marble conter tops. Heck, some of the rooms dont even have a TV, hope they never do. I believe that Couples is always updating the resort; like last year they added mini bars to the Atruim suites. Your going to love CSA.

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    I don't think that is true. Some people stay in an Atrium suite which is like a little bungalow but expect marble counters and everything. That's not what they are. The fixtures have been updated in the categories we have stayed in and we love it. Nothing seemed old or dirty or anything. Some people just expect it to be really ritzy. CSA has a more tropical vibe to it than what some people expect. The photos are very accurate though so if you like what you see online, you will likely be happy at the resort.

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