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    Default Early arrival on Air Jamaica

    We will be arriving at CN on Saturday, April 30th. Our flight from New York on Air Jamaica arrives at 8:15 am. I'm not complaining = glad to get there early and have the entire day. I am wondering if there will be facilities for my husband and I to change into our bathing suits and head for the beach. My travel agent requested early check-in, but I'm sure everyone does. I want to hit the beach with my cocktail(s) as soon as possible. Only 25 more days to go!

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    Even with a request for early check-in your room may or may not be that hour there is a good chance it won't. Landing at 8:15 you still aren't going to be to CN until around 10:15 even with the likelihood of short lines in immigration and customs. Even guests leaving the resort fairly early in the day aren't checking out until 8:00 ish and then rooms have to be cleaned and prepared for...YOU!!! You will still be able to get checked in and change into beach clothes in a public restroom and at that point all the ammenities of the resort will be available for you to use. The staff will take your luggage to your room when it's ready and all you'll have to do is start relaxing. You'll definitely want to pack a swim suit for each of you in your carry-on as well as some sunscreen. It likely won't be too long before your room is ready but if there is anything else you think you'll want on the beach right away pack it on top of your suitcase so you can get to it easily.

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    I read somewhere to put your suit and coverup in a handy spot because you can change in a certain room, forgot the name, they put your luggage somewhere safe till they can get in your room, your so lucky to be able to get there that early. Look for my husband and I the next day, may 1 we'll be there !!! See you at the pool!!!!

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    Default new like you

    i have read hours of posts and they have all said to take you a carry on with shorts/bathing suits to change into when you arrive at the loung area at the airport and they said there is a place to change into suit when arriving early and hitting the beach. now, the only thing im confused about is some posts sound as if you need to come up with your luggage!

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    There are fairly new bathrooms just to the sde of the snack bar. There are showers in there as well. That will be the perfect place to change. Just ask at the reception desk and they will direct you.

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    At CSA was changed in the bathrooms in the lobby. I am sure CN has bathrooms in their lobby too. I would seriously consider asking for your luggage to be stored somewhere safe. At CSA they said our luggage would be safe on the steps but with so many people coming and going and so much luggage sitting around, they really can't keep track of who goes to which bag. We took our carryons with the cameras and laptop with us but the other bags were left in the lobby. I came back to check on the status of our room and someone had our bags wide open and was going through all of our things. Of course I said something to him but he claimed that he was confused and thought they were his bags. Not likely since mine are pretty unique. The fact that none of the stuff in them was his should have been a pretty big clue too so I wasn't buying it. I trust the staff but you never know what the other guests are going to be like.

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