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    Default Less than 24 hours to CSA!! Couple Questions..

    Hello all!

    My fiance and I leave for CSA tomorrow and I am so excited, it will be our first time there! It is a quick trip as we are arriving Wed and leaving Saturday (Saturday is both our birthdays!)

    Here are a couple questions I had:
    1. Does the shipwreck party on friday include a dinner?? Or should we plan to head to a restaurant there.
    2. Any preference between Feathers and Lemongrass?? We only have three nights for dinners so was thinking maybe Feathers and Lemongrass and Palms ??
    3. The sunset sail I believe we can do on Friday, what time does this usually get back??


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    When we were at CSA they were holding the beach party inside at The Palms, a staff person told us this was due to the frequent storms they had been having recently. Generally it is held on the beach and there would be entertainment and food. You could eat at any restaurant you wanted and just go for the entertainment.

    As far as a preference between Feathers and Lemongrass I'd suggest you look at the sample menus on the CSA web page, for us there wasn't anything on the menu at Feathers that was of interest. The two are very different so it really comes down to personal preference, people rave about the food at both. The food all over the resort is very good, I'd check out the menus and see what sounds good and choose that way if I were limited. The other factor is that Feathers and Lemongrass require reservations and if I only had three days I wouldn't want to be on a time schedule for two evenings, but again that's personal preference...just thought I'd throw that out there for consideration.

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    Yes, party on Friday includes a buffet. If you're not into buffets, you can eat at Patios or Feathers - believe both are open.

    Feathers in more continental, more choices, Lemongrass is Thai.

    Sunset cruise will be back by 6:30.

    Have fun!

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