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    Default Concerned about flights

    Hi all, getting excited about our trip to CSA( 15 days and counting). In a previous post I asked about our flight down as we have to change planes in Charlotte. On the way home, we leave mbj at 3pm on to Miami, then a 730pm flight to MSP. Do we have to get our bag and recheck it with the longer layover. Sorry if it's a dumb question but we have had the luxury of direct flights in the past. Thanks for any insight.
    I know it's getting close as I pre-registered yesterday! Yea. Thanks sara

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    You will not collect your luggage on your layover on the way down regardless of the length. If I read your post correctly your first stop in the US on your return trip is Miami? This is where you will clear customs and immigration and you WILL have to collect your luggage at that stop. You will clear immigration first then collect your luggage so at least you don't have to haul it around for long.

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    In Miami you will need to claim your bags and recheck. I personally think this is a pain at this airport. I believe if you were flying back into Charlotte, you would not have to mess with this.

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    Coming back into the states you have to claim your bag, go through customs and then recheck it. It has nothing to do with how long your layover is, you still have to do this. But this means you can repack your Rum you purchased in the airport on the way out. Otherwise, you wouldn't be able to carry on the plane for the next leg of your journey.

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    Yes, you will have to get your bags and recheck them in Miami - unfortunately. Normally it's a breeze though - no worries. Remember too, if you purchase alochol you will have to put this in your checked luggage as well, so make sure you leave room. When we were coming home back in February we saw quite a few folks that didn't leave enough room in order to do this.

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    You have to collect and recheck, but it's a good time to pack the duty-free liquor you bought at MBJ.

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    You do not get your bags on the way down but when coming back you have to collect your bags and clear customs at the first point of entry into the US(that would be Miami). You will drop your bags off again at some point for onward travel and you will go through the scanners again. Make sure you walk quickly in Miami as it can be quite a trek to your boarding gate and it can take some time at baggage claim.

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    Will have to get your bags and go through customs in Miami, then they take them back for your next flight.

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    You will need to go through Immigration to re-enter the US in Miami. Then you will need to claim your luggage and go through Customs with it. Then you will need to re-check your luggage and go through TSA security and then on to your next flight. There are usually places just past Customs to re-check your luggage and that speeds things up a bit.
    Remember that if you buy any liquids (booze or otherwise) at Sangster after going through security you will need to put that stuff into your luggage before you recheck it because you will not be able to take it through security to your next flight.
    Have a great trip!

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    if you don't have a direct flight home, I think, you have to collect your bag, go through US customs, recheck your bag.

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    Not a dumb question at all, We wouldnt have known about getting our bag and rechecking them in either if it wasnt for this MB.

    On the way there your bags once you check your bags they're good until you get to MBJ.

    On the way home you need to collect them and go threw customs then re check them. And no they wont charge you a baggage fee again. 63 day and counting

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    when we went in feb we only took carry on and our connecting flight from st.louis was in charlotte. I honestly dont remember having to have anything rechecked when we were there. Have fun!!

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    How long is your layover in Miami?

    Once you arrive in Miami you will have to go through immigration (this can take anywhere from 10 to 45 minutes, depending upon how many planes land at the same time as yours). Then you will collect your checked bags and go through customs (this is usually very quick). Then you will recheck your bags to MSP. After that, you will have to go through security before heading toward your departure gate for MSP.

    On average, you need about a 2 hour layover to comfortably accomplish this in Miami, 1 1/2 hour minimum.

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    You have to get your bag and re-check it to go through customs regardless of the length of your layover.

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    Thank you so much for all the replies. I know it will be a pain but what can you do? I plan on buying some rum cream so I have to remember to put it in the luggage. I tried to convince Dh to go in Feb to celebrate our anniversary but he wanted to go in April. He is really going to whine now! Maybe next time he will listen.
    You guys Rock!

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    Just came home this week thru miami... yes you get ur bags back briefly as in grab them go thru immigration... thru custom (this all took maybe 15 min total, but it was late maybe 9ish( long story... delays)) and drop your bag like right there. You don't even have to say anything, really its just like drop and go. It all happened so quickly I forgot to pack the delicious jerk sauces I purchased, although we did pack the rum cream!! I was so sad to throw my jerk sauce away I was trying to give it away and noone would take it;(

    Relax, don't overthink it and stress. Just take it all in stride, it is a small price to pay for paradise!!

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    Yes and no... on the way back into the US, you MUST claim your bags, go through Customs, and then recheck your bags. But you're not in possession of them for very long, so if you need to check anything from your carryon through to your final destination (such as alcoholic spirits), then that is the time to do so.

    "In an abundance of water, the fool is thirsty..." - Bob Marley - "Rat Race"

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