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    Default Dress Code For Repeaters Dinner

    We are wondering if long pants and dress shoes for the guys are required for the repeaters guest dinner at CSA. We'd rather not pack them if we don't have too. (We've already decided to bypass Feathers altogether anyway.) Any insight you have would be very helpful. Thank you!
    Kelly & Brian

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    From the FAQs:

    What is the dress code?

    . . . . Evening: Gourmet restaurants and repeat guest dinners: Semi-Formal summer or cocktail dress and sandals, or skirt and nice top for women. Dress pants, khakis, shirts with sleeves and collar and dress shoes for men. Jacket not required. (Elegant dress sandals are allowed). Jeans, shorts, sneakers, flip flops are not permitted.
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    We were at CSA beginning Feb. 26th and attended the Repeaters Dinner. In my opinion, the Repeaters Dinner was the most "dressed-up" affair of all. The ladies wore VERY nice dresses and the men were dressed well. The men definitely need dress pants and dress shoes for this nice evening. From our recent experience, wearing anything less - one would probably feel out of place or under-dressed. Just sayin'.

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    thanks everyone, that definitely clears things up. only 29 days!!

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