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    Default Dont want it, don't need it, won't take it.

    (Apologies to Randy) lol

    I’m not taking that. No way. It can’t possibly get cold enough for winter mittens. Come on now. I’m not taking that.

    I’m not taking any of heavy woolen socks for inside my boots. And speaking of boots, I’m not taking them either. Won’t be a problem. Trust me. I’m
    Not taking that.

    There will be no use for the electric blanket that works so well throughout the long cold, “had enough for ever” winter. I doubt we will need it. I’m not taking it.

    We won’t need the flashlights and batteries and candles in case of a power failure. In fact we have been there during those ‘switching over to back-up modes in 3, 2, 1, Lights are back. I seriously doubt any long term problem. So for sure, those bulky items stay behind. I’m not taking that.

    No frost bitten hands and fingers too, that you rub together for warmth. No indeed. Fingers, toes, feet, hands will be well looked after. I’m not taking that.

    And I can leave behind an item that is used every day. It is, what I like to call, ’ ritualistic use only ‘The morning coffee, the early edition paper, snack attacks, the 87 mile out and back for business, with gas at $3.50 a gallon, ka-ching,ka-ching. No problem leaving any of that. I’m not taking that.

    Laughter, fun, silliness, camaraderie, nice cologne.
    Parts of our lives that, don’t always have enough attention paid to it. What with ‘life’ going on all around us. I am taking lots of that.

    I’m taking all the rich memories from lots and lots of years and making sure there is plenty of room for all of it, neatly pack that away. We always bring our best and finest deep emotional bonding cement. Something always cracks. Oh you better believe I’m taking that.

    I’m taking as many faults as I can find room for. We all have them. Most of the times, in our day to day ‘almost crossed paths with you again day, we seldom get in to anything heavy simply because of, time and space constraints beyond, “Hi, got your message. I love you too”, “Thanks for the note.“ “I have to work late. I’m really sorry”
    I plan to leave as many ‘faults’ or variations of same, softly stowed in open spaces on this island. Got to take that.

    Then of course, there is us’n!! Mr. & Mrs. I know for sure that I will make extra doubly sure that the “Mrs”.does not get left behind. “Well alright. Fine, you just couldn’t leave it alone could you??? It was only that once, okay, okay.
    Well there was only one time that we lost touch with each other in a very large, brightly lit building. I heard security people screaming. “Sylvia, WTF“?? I wasn’t panicking yet.

    And you will never know if that incident ever took place.

    I’m packing all the unspoken moments that come and go each day. Day after day after day. I’m bringing every single one of those. They will play a crucial part in our enjoyment of this other world that we will be in. I’m taken all of that.

    And when our moments begin to morph back to an all to familiar shape, reality, I will take with me every twinkle that I saw in someone’s eye. Every Ooooo and ahhhhh, all the sighs I can find, some sand from the beach, some sun from our room. Aromas and soft breezes, breathtaking sights to inhale and savor every morsel possible. I always leave lots of space in the bags and in my head, to take every little nuance I can remember, the sound of the waves, the kiss on the shoreline, the tree frogs. We all posses and share some of the most intangible parts of each other. So many memories will resurface some cold day in a distant winter. And we will smile or laugh or sigh or reach out for a hug, or put our arm around you and be close. It would really be a crime if I left all that behind. I know just where I’m keeping everything so I can dream sometimes.

    There is a wonderful structure that is mostly clean, dry, free of pests, fairly nice view, and free to use anytime I want to.
    All things brought back, for the most part, are not meant to remain alive in our environment. They are only given life and depth and smiles from deep within our very own unique, very different structure. The brain. It is capable of limitless possibilities.

    I want to have as much of that as I can pack, carry, wear, stuff and surround myself with. These good times will rise again. It only takes a blink to “be there” I absolutely want to take that with me.

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    What a message (great advise) and so thought provoking!

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    I so enjoy reading your posts Crabracer :-) Thanks for putting into perspective what is important about a Couples vacation in every sense of the word.

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    love this post. going to copy this... hope you dont mind!!!!

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