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    Do minibar refrigerators have capacity to make ice cubes?

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    The mini fridges don't have the ability to make ice cubes or have a frezzers. They are just small fridges

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    I can tell you that at CSS if you turn the temp as low as it will go it will freeze a diet pepsi and it will brust open. Found that out the hard way!!!!

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    Couples Negril does have small freezers in the mini-fridge. At least some, and I believe all, of the rooms do. I know this because we (OK, I) put a small tonic water in the freezer to make room for something else, forgot about it, and it exploded later.

    I don't recall seeing ice cube trays, but may not have noticed because we use the ice bucket provided in the room to get ice from the ice carts at the stairwell on the first floor of each block.

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    They don't make ice but one night when we ordered room service we were asked if we needed ice... we hadn't even thought about it but agreed and a large bucket was brought to our room promptly... I am sure if u needed ice a simple call to room service will have it to your room shortly no worries!

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    At CSA, there was an ice machine outside our building.

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    Thanks, I was afraid of that, but guess we can get them at any of the bars.

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    Most of the resorts have ice machines around the property.

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    At Couples Negril, an ice bucket is filled with ice each day.

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    They are those little dormitory type fridges so they don't have an ice maker and I suspect ice cube trays have been removed or are hit and miss...I don't recall seeing any in ours though if they had trays it would have the "capacity to make ice". I don't know which resort you are staying at but at CSA there are ice machines on the ground floor of each building.

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    At CSA there were not ice trays or freezers in our fridges but there are ice machines outside of the newer buildings. We stay in the older ones though so I get ice from Seagrapes when it is open.

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