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    Default Private dinner on beach

    Never been to Jamica nor to a Couples resort and thinking bout carry my wife this summer to celebrate our 25th. Has anyone done the private dinners? are they worht it? Which resorts can you do it at? Is it a set menu?
    Any other info anyone wants to throw in for a newbie would be appreciated.

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    We did the private dinner a few years ago at CSA. It was well worth the money and something we will always remember. I think we had a choice of two different menus at that time. We went with the beef and it was wonderful.

    We also went to Couples our first time to celebrate our 25th. Congratulations and enjoy.

    Life is good

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    We had the private dinner at CTI to celebrate my husband's birthday. We had no menu option, but what they served was incredible! We had beef wellington and lobster tail, pesto mashed potatoes, salad and their special brand of wine called Love Potion 4 Two. Plus the most decadent variety of desserts that I've ever tasted. It was also a nice touch that they left us a copy of the menu to take as a keepsake. Well worth the money!
    You can look at a sample menu on this website. On the left hand side of the menu, select "Dining & Restaurants", and select private dinner. Each resort has a different menu.

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    We went to CSS last year and experienced our Private Dinner in the Gazebo. It was something that I will never forget. Keston was our waiter.
    The music, the waves, the food, the privacy, the romance!

    We will be at CSS again in 17 days and have once again booked a private dinner.

    It is sooooo worth it!

    KruznSusan and Stan
    CSS April 2010
    CSS April 2011

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    My husband surprised me with a private dinner on the beach at CTI. Not sure how he planned the menu or anything but all the food at Couples is great. I highly recommend doing this. I was surprised and it was very very romantic. Do it and don't tell her

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    We had the private beach dinner last May at CSS. A great experience. Choice of 2 menus. It was just fabulous. Here's a look at our arrangement.
    Mike & Martha

    CSS 2010, 2013, 2014
    CTI 2011
    CN 2012

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    We have never been to Jamaica but will be going in 12 days to celebrate our 25th anniversary...Getting VERY excited!

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    Congrats on your 25th Anniversary! My husband & I were at CSS in late February to celebrate our 25th. It was also our first time to Jamaica & Couples. As I was the one to make most of our arrangements, I was ‘on the fence’ about whether or not to book a Private Dinner. I ultimately decided that the $170 for food that was already paid for just wasn’t worth it. Yes, we would have had our own server, and a private area, but I just felt that money could be better spent elsewhere. While we were at CSS, we experienced a little bit of everything, from most of the water sports, Sun Set Beach, each restaurant, all the beautiful grounds, Dunns,etc. But nothing that was ‘just the two of us’ like a private dinner may have provided. We had the most AWESOME vacation of our lives, but at the end of the week, I found myself apologizing to my husband for not planning something special for the Anniversary like the private dinner, but he said not to worry because it was ALL so special. It brought tears to my eyes (and still does). If you want a ‘private dinner’ on the beach, I suggest going to Bella Vista and requesting the table on the North corner (towards the Water Sports area) next to the beach. You’re about 20 feet from the water, and the servers there (as everywhere else) are excellent. Being on the corner, you feel like you’re the only ones there… I hope this helps. Again, congrats on your 25th!!

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    We went for our 25th too. Congrats!! We enjoyed our private dinner on the beach. I required a special diet and they were more than happy to make sure things were available for that. Well worth the money for something as special as your 25th.

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