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    Default count down clock

    My computer crash last week and I lost my count down clock and I was wandering if someone from the couple family could post it on how to download it again. It driving me crazy not knowing exactly how many days I have left before I leave. It is some where around 87 days.

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    Here's the one I use. Time Left...It's pretty basic and simple.
    Happy & Safe Travels!


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    I am waiting for the answer to this myself.
    Terry & Tonia Collins

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    Aother option with all the whistles and bells is
    Rgards Dave and Chell

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    If you have vista or windows 7 you can download a count down timer for the side bar...

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    I use time left too, simple and its free. 62 days 13 hours 52 minutes 18 sec.

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    You can also look into "widgets" for your desktop. I'm currently using one from Yahoo Widgets.

    You'll have to download the Yahoo Widgets program, and then pick a countdown timer of your choosing.

    I found a nifty one that mimics an older looking alarm clock, with flip over numbers.

    My current countdown to CTI states: 223 days, 19 hours, 18 minutes and change...

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    I use the "Days until" app on my Iphone...

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    If your an Excel geek. Here's one I built for our vacation this past March.

    Change the date and time in cell B3, and hold down F9 to watch the seconds tick away.
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    I use
    i have CSS as background!!!

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    If you use Vista or 7, I use one called "Countdown clock" by

    Works fine, you can have multiple copies running (such as if your vacation starts sooner than your arrival to Couples)

    Gives you the countdown in days:hours:minutes:seconds to any date and time you want.

    I've got it running on my:
    Work desktop
    Home desktop

    207 days
    16 hours
    7 minutes
    50 seconds
    to CTI

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    I downloaded a free app called CountDown to my iPhone. I refer to it frequently!

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