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    Default Beach Dinner ?

    We are thinking about booking a private dinner and I know I have read that the menu can be customized. Has anyone done this? What are the other options? My husband is a picky eater and would probably prefer a simple menu like steak. Is that possible? Thanks for any replies!

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    Im sorry I dont have the answer for you but i was hoping maybe you could help me. I would love to do a romantic dinner on the beach with my husband and was wondering how you go about reserving that and is it hard to get a beach dinner? Thanks for the help.

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    My DH contacted CSS via email after looking at the menus on line. we really liked parts of both menus so he worked with them directly and dinner was just what we wanted. Fabulous

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    We didnt customize our beach dinner,, which was 3 or 4 courses,, Soup,Salad, Mian course Steak an Lobster,, Delicious, out of this world,, Very tender steak,, Best Lobster tail i've ever eaten, an desert as well,
    Couples is BEST all inclusive we've ever been too, They have it all together there,, romance,, great chefs,awesome friendly staff,,

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    We just booked a private dinner for june 2nd. The Romance Concierge sent me 2 menus to choose from, and my husband to be is a picky eater as well so we created our own menu based on those two she sent us, and she said there was no problem. Hope this helps! =)

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    Hello photochick5,
    Although you didn't specify what resort, my husband and I have planned a customised private dinner for my 50th birthday at CSS. All you have to do is work with your resort's guest relation team, and they will work with the chef to provide you with a dinner your husband would love!

    Safe and happy travels!

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