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    Default CSS review - our first time

    News Flash! GLB repeat guests have defected to Couples!

    Feb. 2011 – New to Couples, the resort website and this message board helped us choose Couples Sans Souci. From what we read, the staff across the board at all resorts is exceptional. We were drawn to CSS because of the low number of guests, the lush, “garden of Eden” grounds, and the private beach. Our expectations were met and exceeded wherever we went.

    This trip, we traveled with carry-on luggage only and were glad we did. Connecting flights both ways were so close we almost didn't make them. Running! Checked bags would never have made it on time. Turns out Tuesday morning is a great time to land at Sangster Airport. Customs was a breeze and then before us like a mirage... The Couples Lounge. Hello cold red stripe! We had arrived in Jamaica two days early due to an impending snow storm in Boston! One call from home and Couples had assured us there would be a room ready for us. No problem. Check in at the lounge confirmed that. We, changed into shorts and let Couples take us to paradise. Our ten day trip had turned into twelve. Ok!

    Upon arrival at CSS, we were greeted in a stunning lobby, more beautiful than the pictures. Really! There were orchids blooming, and a warm, welcoming staff was ready with cold cloths and cold champagne. We stayed the first two nights in D-4 then off to our beachfront room A-31. Both rooms were beautiful, D-4 had a larger shower, but small very private balcony, A-31 had a larger balcony and a view of the pool and beach.

    Each evening, we put out our room service card for coffee, juice and fruit. Hubby power walked around the pond while I sipped my coffee on our balcony.

    Then off to Pallazina for breakfast #2. For those of you who are eggs benedict lovers, here's how we did it! Edgar or Fiona will make a perfect poached egg for your toasted and buttered english muffin. Order the eggs then toast and butter your muffins. Then top it all off with some clarified butter at the edge of the omelet station. We chose bacon on the side (no cholesterol police there) but you could choose ham or smoked salmon. Before Pallazina closed for breakfast, I walked over and ordered smoothies to take to our lounges on the beach. Conisha (the hardest working waitress in Jamaica) would see me walking up the path and would have our smoothies ready. Now that is service!

    Bella Vista beach bar and grill was a fabulous place for lunch. Favorites were beef patties for hubby and fried snapper sandwich on coco bread for me. They also serve the best ginger ale I have ever had. Saskieanne and Toniesha took care of our drinks during the day and became our best friends. Just walk by the bar and I'd hear “What's up Sue? You good?”

    Derron and Cohen keep the beach immaculate and went out of their way to make our stay very special. Handsome!

    Bella Vista was also our favorite dinner location. It was divine to sit at a beautiful candle lit table for two on the edge of the beach, under the moon and stars. Romantic! Every meal we ate there was presented creatively and was really delicious. For appetizers, try the crab stamp n' go! Fried calamari was light and tasty. The beef tenderloin with mild jerk sauce was out of this world. Our service there was exceptional. Lovely Maureen kept my wine glass full and we were treated like family, if family is royalty. The mento band playing in the background made the evenings all the more over the top magical. We ate at Pallazina one night and it was superb too. We just like eating beach side in the middle of winter! And that mento band is the bomb!

    When our travel sized sunscreens ran out, we bought more in the gift shop. Resort credit! There were many choices and the prices were comparable to what is available to us at home.

    A couples massage in Hideaway was saved for our last day. Heaven! The next morning, my hubby woke up saying, “I'm not ready to leave!” Twelve days was not enough! I keep a journal on vacation and this year was no exception. It helps us remember what someone said, what someone did, and most of all, how they made us feel. In love again. Next year is already booked, penthouse room this time. 299 days to go.

    Thank you Randymon, Pierre, Kyle, and ALL the staff at CSS! Dick and “Sans” Sue Seed

    If I'm lucky, this link will take you to the photos on my facebook page:

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    Great review. Thanks.

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    Great review but link didn't work Try coping the public link
    Becky & Dave
    CSS July 2012 (Wedding @ CSS 7.18.12)
    CN July 2012

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    Thanks for the review, we are heading to CSS for the first time next March and are very excited!!!!

    Tammie & Mike
    CSS Mar'12/CSA Nov '12/CSA Dec '13/CSA Feb '15

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    I changed my facebook settings so all can view. Hope that helps!

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