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    Default question about snorkling

    I am thinking about snorkling, We will be at CSS in May. Can any one tell me what that trip is like. For example, do you have to bring anything. How deep do you go under water? How long is the trip? Any info would be appreciated since I have no clue what is involved. However, I can swim (sorta) and hold my breath. I can not open my eyes under water. Thank-you.

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    I just snorkeled for the first time at css... first off snorkeling is done on the surface so perhaps you are thinking scuba (which I didn't do sso can't help u there) but they give you all the equiptment. A face mask, life preserver, snorkel tube thingy and flippers. Just bring a towel. The whole think was about an hour. Maybe a 5 min ride on a glass bottom boat (pretty cool) and then a brief instruction and you are off. I don't know if they go to dif spots everytime but we went to a sunken ship site and it was amazing. Not too many fish but cool reefs and the ship was amazing. You can take your preserver off and try and get a bit close but you have to hold your breath (mask/goggles still work though) and I wouldn't suggest it if you aren't a strong swimmer! The day we went the sea was a bit rough and my hubby kept inhaling water but I had no problems! Try it if you don't like it you can sit out on the boat but it was one of my favorite activities we did!

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    You don't have to go under the water at all. Since you are snorkeling you don't need to hold your breathe unless you want to go all the way under and you don't have to open your eyes under water since you will be wearing a mask. Usually the trips last about an hour or less. I like to bring a towel, bottle of water to rinse my face and to drink on the way back and an underwater camera.

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    They will give you a life-jacket or float that goes around your waist so you can easily float on top of the water. I'm pretty bouyant on my own so I didn't need either, but I can also swim fairly well. If you're not sure, take one just in case. They will provide a mask and snorkel as well so you won't need to open your eyes under the water or hold your breath. As long as the water is not rough, it should be fairly easy to breathe through the snorkel without any water getting in. If it does, you just blow really hard to get it out. Not a big deal. I believe you also get fins, too, which really make it alot easier to swim around. Typically, while snorkeling, you don't go under water at all -- unless you want to dive down. I didn't and could see lots of great stuff. I don't remember how long the trip was -- maybe an hour. It was a nice amount of time, though. You can always practice in the pool a little beforehand. I'm sure they won't mind lending you the mask and snorkel so you can try it. You'll have fun... it was very cool!

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    Hello Radioop!
    We went snorkling at CSS in Nov. It was the first time I had ever been snorkling. I am not a very strong swimmer so I was a little concerned about it. I am so glad I did it. They give you everything you need so all you have to do is go to the water sports and tell them you want to go and they take care of everything else. Have fun!

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