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    Default Rained out???

    My fiance and I will be leaving Texas heading to CSS in 6 DAYS!!! We are so excited and this week couldn't be dragging by any slower! We will be getting married at CSS on Wednesday the 20th. I am kinda getting bummed out thought because I looked at the forecast and so far it is showing at least a 30% chance of rain from the time we arrive until the 20th. I don't know the rest of the week because I can only get a 10 day forecast. I was wondering if anyone has ever been to CSS where it rained the entire time and if y'all still had a good time? I was so looking forward to laying out in the sun and a bright beautiful wedding day but it doesn't look like that is in the cards for us.... I have been planning this trip for over a year now and did not once consider the fact that it might rain on us....go figure! If anyone has had past experiences I could really use some words or encouragement right about now!

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    Jamaica, like all other islands will have a chance of rain almost every day. Don't let a 30% chance or rain bother you. That just means there is %30 change for rain sometime during the day and I would bet that it would be either a light rain fall around 4pm or heavier rain overnight.

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    Don't worry about the forecast. It almost always shows a chance of rain. It might rain some but most times of the year it is a short shower and then the sun comes out.

    Now in December when we were there it rained every day and some days all day long. We still had a great time. We were on the beach every day. Had to stay under a hut or umbrella some but still had a blast. Of course we were happy sleeping, eating, reading, and other "fun" things.

    Have a great time and don't let the weather forecast cast a shadow over your excitement.

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    Always look on the bright side of life.... that's a 70% chance that it won't rain!

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    When I first started going to Couples 11 years ago I would do the same thing, always looking at the forecast and worrying about rain. I've since learned don't listen to the forecast, it may rain during the night, or for 5 minutes during the day. In all these years we have never been rained out! Stop worrying and enjoy. I'm counting down as we have 2 months and 14 days till we return to my heart, my love CTI.

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    Jamaica is a tropical island, the forecast will always show a potential for rain. We usually go in November and a few trips in October, hurricane season, and in 15 trips I think we've had all day rain twice but never for the duration of the trip. You may have no rain at all, you may get some rain in the afternoon. If you get the afternoon rain it will last anywhere from a half hour to a couple hours. It will still be hot outside so walk the beach, go sit in the hot tub, sit at the beach bar. Or, take the opportunity to go enjoy some time on your verandah, I bet you'll find it relaxing if you don't let yourself fret. Trust me, your trip will be perfect!

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    Default Rain

    Don't worry. This is the normal amount of rain percentage almost every day. My wife and I will be going in 60 days for our 5th visit to Jamaica. It rains almost every day just for about 1 hr. and then it's done. Unless you have a hurricane or tropical storm which you won't have to worry about at this time of year,all will be fine. RELAX AND ENJOY!

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    Have been to Jamaica many times and never had a 0% chance of rain, listed for even one day. In fact 30% seems really good. We were never completely rained out. I would only get nervous if it said 80% every day. We have had all kinds of fun in the rain. not to worry, I am sure you will get all the wonderful Jamaican sun, in fact do not underestimate the sun, it is very strong.

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    When we went the weather forcast showed 60% chance of rain everyday, and it rained every day for about 10 mintues. Then the sun comes back right back out. Nothing to worry about. It not like the rain here in the states, in Jamaica it's liquid sunshine.

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    Default Rain?

    We just returned from CSA. It rained each afternoon for the first 3 days, however nothing solid like we are used to in the states AND it is warm. We would get up early and hit the beach so got plenty of sun before clouds rolled in, then we would head to the swim-up bar or nap/read in our room. Often the sun returns after the shower. It was a great trip and I had actually forgotten that we encountered any rain!

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    MattM - I like your way of thinking.

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    Thank you all for your reassurance. I will just stop looking at the forecast all together. I am going to take it as it comes. After all Sans Souci means "no worries" right...Rainfall or sunshine we are going to have a blast no matter what! 5 more days until departure and the anticipation is killing me!!! 8 days until I become a MRS.!!! CSS here we come! Thank you again for all of the reassurance, it definitely made me feel better.

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