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    It's getting closer and closer til we leave for CN on April 30. I have 2 questions. Are there telephones in the rooms at CN? I'm asking because if family needs to get in touch with me, I thought instead of calling me on my cell phone to call me on the hotel phone. Rates are less that way. Also, are there room safes? And does the CN have safe deposit boxes? I thought since we are arriving so early our rooms won't be ready and rather than bring my passports and money with me to the beach, I could put it in the safe deposit box at desk.

    I think that's it for today. Getting so excited. Just have to remember to pack light.

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    Yes & Yes. Not sure about the Safe Deposit Boxes however.

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    YES, YES, and YES!!!
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    The rooms @ CN have telephones and safes.

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    Hmmm, my first question is, What could you possibly help with from Jamaica? That aside, I'm sure you may want to kiss the kiddies goodnight! Call the resort with any questions you may have about the in-resort phone rates, each room does have a phone---that makes it easy to make spa reservations or to request a few extra pillows! Yes, the rooms have safes.

    We are arriving 4/11, I'll post more when we return on the 18th! Yippee!

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    There are phones in the rooms. Obviously your family won't know when you'll be in your room but they could leave a message with the desk staff for you to call home, as I recall it had the ability for a light to flash if you had a message. Are you taking a laptop? They could email you or use facebook messaging for free. Just some other options. We took our laptop and put pictures on facebook for our friends to see while we were at CSA.

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    The answers are yes and yes!

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    Thanks everyone. I don't want to use my cell phone - last year in Mexico got slammed with roaming charges. Just wanted to know if the option of a phone was there. I'll use the computer and send out emails if needed. 22 days to go.

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