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    Default Passports almost expired. Do I need a new one?

    We are set to go to Jamaica, from the U.S., this December. Our passports expire in April, 2012. That's less than the six months several countries ask for. Do we need new passports? Or will we be able to enter on our almost expired passports. I've read that Jamaica laws are flexible regarding this.
    Any help appreciated. Thanks.

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    I recommend renewing them - don't take the chance that Jamaica will be flexible with this requirement. We went to Jamaica last December and our flight was delayed due to a passenger with an expired passport. They took him off the plane. It's better to be safe than sorry!

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    I have read the same thing, that it should be fine. Since you have such a long time until your trip you might want to just renew it anyway though. You could wait until the fall so you can keep it longer. I remember when I was getting a new one last year that they were going to increase the fees at some point but I don't know if they have already done that or not. That might be another thing to look into.

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    U will need to make sure that you are also covered for the return flight. I would not take any chances. Best you apply for fast processing of the passport that states the date of departure. Contact the closest passport office for the most up to date information. Better to do it now then to have the headaches later.
    Jon & Heather
    May '05, Feb '11 - CSS

    Making arrangements for February 2012!

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    Direct from

    United States and Canadian citizens may travel to Jamaica as tourists with passports provided they fulfill the following requirements:

    U.S. Citizens
    A return ticket to the United States of America, or
    A round trip ticket showing that he/she is entitled to be returned to the United States, or
    A valid national passport, or
    A passport which has expired for no more than 12 months, provided that the United States will re-admit such person on the expired passport
    If the traveller is under 18, an ID Card, such as school ID will be accepted
    Please note that copies of birth certificates, even if certified by a Notary Public are not accepted.

    Travellers are also advised that the period of stay is granted at the discretion of the Jamaican immigration authorities, and that the period of six months is not automatic.

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    This link indicates you need a current passport to enter Jamaica.

    However, this one indicates you need one that is valid for 6 months past the date of entry.

    Maybe someone who traveled recently remembers exactly, we last went in October and ours were good for several years so I can't recall for sure. If you intend to travel outside the US again I think I'd just go ahead and get new ones now any way, you have plenty of time.

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    I recommend you renew before you leave. Regardless of what the Jamaican policy is. You never know what can happen..


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    I would get them renewed. You have the time.

    No reason to take a chance and be turned away or not be allowed to leave the USA.

    Leaving the USA is left up to the airlines, and they are not trained in the laws of every country, so they may use the 6 month rule with every country.
    Irie Mon

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    I had the same issue a few trips ago and called the Jamaican Embassy and was told No long as it still valid No Problem!

    Go and enjoy!

    That said you do have plenty of time to get it renewed!
    Chuck and Gail
    Washington DC area (Northern VA)
    CSS April 19th
    7th Trip to Couples (2xCSA 4xCSS 1xCTI)
    Too many trips to JA to count and still love it!

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    When this happened to me I contacted the Jamacian High Commission and was told a similar thing but as the advice was a bit vague I went ahead and renewed.
    Glad I did as the immigration officer was very unfriendly and I suspect would have refused me entry if I did not have the 6 months validity.
    Renew your passport - its not worth taking a chance.

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    Just keep in mind that if the government shuts down, so does the passport agency. If you send off your passport, Lord knows how long it will take to get back! Just a thought! You are fine if you still have 6 months validity left on your current passport.

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    Many countries require ther to be six months left on your passport. Lucky for you Jamaica is not one of them. You will be OK.

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