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    Default Here's something you'll never hear, ...

    Ok so we're packing today for CSA,..second trip leaving Saturday,...and I literally heard my wife say this to me

    "Honey,...please don't chase the dog with the sex toy"

    So excited for this trip I can't stand it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Work has been awful for the last couple of months, I overslept this morning, and our CTI trip is still two weeks away... Thanks for a much needed laugh this morning!!!

    Bruce and Kelli
    Fort Worth, TX
    CN 2006, 2008; CTI 2009, 2010, 2011
    CSA 2014; CSS 2016

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    Well, when we got back from CTI, I messaged my boyfriend and said, "Hey, babe, can I send your dad naked pics?" (I didn't mean full-on naked, there were just a couple of pics from when we were naked that showed us shoulders-up.) Couples makes you say craaaazy things!

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    BAAAAAAAA HAHAHAHAHAHA Thanks I just had to clean coffee from my computer keyboard! My employees are wondering as well what is so funny. How in the hell am I suppose to tell them this story and them take me seriously hahaha
    LOVE IT! I have no clue what you look like but pictured a excited guy with a vibrator in his hand chasing the dog saying "yeah we are going on a trip we are going to CSA" hahahahahahah

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    LOL ... that's great! Thanks for sharing. Enjoy your stay at CSA. We head there for our second trip to paradise in 3 weeks.

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    Hysterical!!!! Be careful, you don't want your doggie chewing up your toys.

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    Who needs a sex toy when there's a hot man with all of the right equipment...naked pics all over the place. All though, my batton and hand-cuffs that accompanies my sexy police outfit could past for a sex toy. This time we better not leave the camara behind with the incriminating photos like we did on a previous vacation! I am sure the cleaning staff passed our camara around to the rest of the hotel staff! We never got it back

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    Just make sure you take the batts out...haha

    CSA 2009, 2014 [20th anniversary]
    CSS 2010
    CN 2011

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    Do you put it in your checked luggage or carry on? I was on my way to Vegas once when a guy in front of me had his bag searched (right after 9/11/01). Well his girlfriend/wife had already made it through. They began pulling items out of his bag like scissors and fingernail clippers. Then they came to the sex toys she had places in HIS bag. His look of dissapoinment/embarrassment/laughter was priceless. She couldn't even watch as she knew what was in there. I'm sure the MBJ security see some crazy stuff go through that scanner!!

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