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    Default Resort Comparison ?'s

    This question has been posted in many forms previously. However, I am posting the question with specifics to what we are looking for. We have previously stayed at two other adult only all inclusive brands in Jamaica, but never a Couples. Trying to select the Couples resort that would suit us the best, any recomendations are greatly appreciated.

    Our primary concern and first priority is the beach. Have read numerous posts and many say has to be Negril. We have been to the other hotel chain in Negil briefly. Not sure we like the public beach concept, are vendors controlled or constantly approaching? Our idea of perfect beach is no sea grass, water does not have to be calm, not necessary beach is long for walking, but want to be sure beach area is large enough for size of resort and good for swimming. The Ocho resorts is one beach better than the other?

    Second priority, atmosphere. Please tell me these resorts do not pump out top 40 American music all day. Want a resort with an island feel and laid back atmosphere.

    Third priority, room. We like a nice room, does not have to be oceanview or oceanfront. Must have tv and we usually select a room with a jacuzzi.

    Other wants that rank highly for us are as follows; beach drink service, pool open later in the evening, relaxed dress code in evening or buffet option at night with shorts allowed.

    Any suggestions appreciated.

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    CTI is the option for you on that side of the island but I think you will have to book a suite if you want a jacuzzi. There is no buffet option at CSS in the evenings. I have not been to CSA yet so I can't comapre to CN other than to say both have non private beaches which is why we prefer the other side of the Island.

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    My wife and I stayed at CSA in Negril last year and going again in 3 weeks. We absolutely loved it! The rooms are very nice and comfy. We saw hardly any sea grass, maybe a little floating by on occasion. The beach was well groomed (immaculate) and the water was great for swimming with gentle waves. Plenty of room to walk along the beach. It was spacious for the size of the resort. We never did feel crowded. They have security guards on the beach so we were never bothered by vendors. There were a few, some one to three person bands would play and you could tip them if you wanted. Some other vendors occasionally walked through but stayed out by the ocean, again you could go up to them if you wanted. The atmosphere was VERY relaxing and laid back. Most rooms have a TV except for some of the beachfront rooms. The other guests were very polite and friendly. As far as music, I don't think I ever heard any music in the buildings. All I ever heard was the ocean while I was there. The staff is fantastic! The food is great! Except for Feathers, the rest of the restaurants were relaxed. I wore shorts and a t-shirt most of the time when dining. My wife and I had the time of our lives and that's why we're going back again and counting the minutes until we leave.

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    CSA or CN

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    Funinsun ~ Thanks for taking the time to give us so much information on what you are looking for in your vacation. This makes it so much easier to suggest a resort.

    Between CSS & CTI, the beach at CSS is a little bigger, but does have sea grass. The beach at CTI isn't all that big, but it is private and doesn't have any sea grass.

    There are vendors on the beaches at CSA & CN. The beach guards do watch the vendors and move them along if they are bothering anyone.

    Since you prefer a private beach with no sea grass, I would suggest CTI. I also am suggesting CTI as you always have a buffet option.

    All of the resorts have a very laid-back atmosphere and there is not loud music blaring throughout the resorts. In the evenings they do have entertainers who mostly stay with love songs from the 70's - 90's. Some enjoy it, others would prefer more 'island' music. But during the day there is no loud annoying blaring music like other resorts have. There will be one night when the Silver Bird Band (steel drums) will play and they are excellent.

    At any of the resorts you can go swimming in the pools anytime day or night. They are always open except very early in the mornings (7am) when they are cleaning the pools.

    Shorts are always allowed at buffets.
    Juliann & Jeff
    Jamaica Soon Come

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    Default CN

    We've been to all four resorts. For your needs, I would suggest CN. It does have a public beach, but it is the second to last resort on one side, so it doesn't get too much foot traffic. Vendors can only go so far towards the resort. There aren't too many, and I don't remember them being a problem. I would call it "semi-private". The water is clear and mostly calm, perfect to hang out on a floatie or for swimming. I do not like sea grass either, and I have not seen ANY at CN. Let's just say you can be shoulder deep and still see the sandy bottom and your feet!
    Atmosphere is Jamaican vibes and love in the air. No loud music. I think they might play some reggae by the pools, but it's not loud or party like.
    As far as your room...we usually book a garden room, so I can't speak to the jacuzzi part. The "suites" have jacuzzi's. I think there are a couple of perks too when you book a suite.
    Shorts at the buffet are always acceptable.
    Good luck and have a wonderful trip. You really can't go wrong with any of the Couples resorts.

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    Not a lot to add to the above, but I will throw in my 2 cents worth.

    It is my opinion that the "best" beaches are in Negril. I am an absolute beach nut and I honestly don't think there is a bad beach in Jamaica. But being very picky about my beach, I will say that the beach at CSA is spectacular. One of the prettiest beaches I have had the pleasure to visit. Almost snow white, smooth (almost no rocks or shells) very, very clean, wide, long and the water is crystal clear. The beach is meticulously maintained, raked every morning and policed 24 hours a day for cleanliness and security. While beach vendors are a regular part of the beach life, they are not pushy nor will they interfere with your enjoyment. They are kept to the waters edge and will only approach if you show interest and invite them to present what ever it is they are selling. They really are not a problem at all. I would think the next closest to your description would be CN. Though again, I don't think you would be too disappointed with any of the Couples beaches.

    No loud piped in music at Couples. In fact if you want music during the day bring your iPod or other means of private listening. The atmosphere is very peaceful and laid back.

    As far as an island feel and atmosphere, again I would recommend CSA. The rooms and buildings reflect an elegant, tropical simplicity. No fancy marble and brass, but genuine Caribbean charm and materials. Clean, simple, elegant luxury without excessive "bling". And the grounds are a tropical jewel with flowers, plants, palms and winding walkways throughout. Gorgeous. No buildings are taller than the surrounding palm trees which makes the entire resort sort of retreat into the background when viewed from the ocean. Rooms with TV's are available, in fact I think there are more rooms with TV's than without. I think the number of rooms with jacuzzis in them is limited. But there are several jacuzzis on the grounds available for use. They are kept clean, like everything at CSA, and are available at all hours of day or night, except when being cleaned early mornings.

    Shorts are welcome at all restaurants at all meals except for Feathers, which is the high end dinner restaurant that requires long pants and closed toe shoes for men. Food at all the restaurants is excellent. Both buffet and menu offerings are available. Lots of restaurant information is available on the web site at the individual resort tabs at the top of the page.

    Have a great trip, where ever you wind up. I don't think you can go wrong with any of the Couples resorts.

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    If you want a vacation that you will not have any vendors on the beach then Ocho Roi is the place. The beaches are smaller in Ocho Rio, but they are private and only for Couples guests. Best beach out of CTI or CSS is CTI in my option. Clean water, close to drinks, and food.

    Jacuzzi, both resorts have them in their suites. Buffet option at night is only at CTI, but CSS has room service. CTI will also have room service starting 8/21/2011.

    Easiest to get around resort is CTI, CSS has very large number of stairs.
    Irie Mon

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