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    Default procedure for using resort credits

    We will fortunately have 700 in resort credits when we return to cn on apr 19-early booking +rom.rewards. can't really remember the procedure for using them (credit at front desk, vochure (sp?) etc.) Plus I wonder if the procedure may have changed in the last year. Thanks for your help!

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    I'm hoping Randy will post the procedure for everyone to see.

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    We were at CSA in January. I did early check-in prior to arrival. At registration, I was given two vouchers: one for early booking bonus, and the other for our Passionate Love Romance Rewards level. We kept the vouchers in our room, and we spent up a storm at the spa and gift shop. At check out, we handed in the vouchers. Turns out, we still had about $25 in credit left, so Bob ran to Dis and Dat and picked up some hot sauce and Snickers bars. Very easy process.

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    Absolutely look into the procedure when you check in. Tell them about all your credits. I assumme it's a mix of the $500 plus other credits? Don't assume you'll work it out at the end, as that could be a nightmare.
    We were given a voucher for the $500 credit and a separate gift shop one for being a repeater. When we spent them it just went to the room and automatically to the voucher... except that isn't what was supposed to be done for the gift shop credit, so we had to go and get it sorted out.
    We then got a printout at the end and the zero balance But the process could have changed and may vary. So be sure to ask!
    have FUN spending all that money!!!

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    If I remember correctly last year they Gave you a credit slip and they just kept deducting off of it as you used it.I also, have 700.00 very excited. 21 days.

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    Its easier than you think...

    Couples went cashless last year... I'm not sure you can purchase anything for cash there if you wanted to. You just sign for everything. Works great. All you have to do is settle up at the front desk when you check out.

    So... the hardest part about spending resort credits is keeping track of your running total.


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    Very good question, and I think every resort does it differently.

    We had issues last year, but they worked with us and everything was good.

    Would be nice to know what we need to do and what department to do with to make it all smooth.
    Irie Mon

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    Having the resort credits is great. No need to take cash or credit cards out of safe. BUT it makes me forget my budget. Looking in the wallet and seeing $$ let me know how much is left of vacation mad money. Grateful for the simplicity, but have to watch the spending. On trading places days, I have found items in one gift shop that is not in another. The resorts being cashless makes it difficult. I can't sign for a purchase at CSS when I am staying at CTI.
    CTI/April Amigos

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