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    Default Have a beautiful vow renewal

    Nick and I are sending you and Deborah a magical day for your vow renewal, Randyman. Best wishes!

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    I think that you have chosen a most beautiful location for your vow renewal. That island holds the humanity of thousands of wonderful people. It has always been very spiritual.
    If you go to the right of the island, at the end is a beautiful sight. Staring down, you can see the ocean and its relentless onslaught against the coral. If you look straight out at the horizon, with your arm around Deborah, just take it all in.
    I also want to take the time to thank you for all that you do. I can understand why Deborah loves you. You have a great soul.
    Congratulations on fifteen years of marriage.


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    I second that! Hope your day is as special as you help make it for the rest of us!!

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