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    Default Resort room comparison

    stayeed at CSS rooms fantastic thinking of trying CSA or CN how do rooms and resort compare?

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    We stayed at CSA in a Garden Veranda. We always request the new side, 3rd floor corner and it is beautiful. At CSS we have had a one bedroom suite in F block and loved it. This past trip we booked a Penthouse, got E10, and absolutely hated it.
    I find the rooms at CSA are smaller, they aren't suites, but the furnishings are much newer and fresher. The bathroom was 4 times as big as the one we had in the Penthouse believe it or not. When I sat on the sofa in our Penthouse, my butt nearly hit the ground it was so worn and I am not a big girl.
    If I could have my Garden Verandah Suite moved to CSS I would be in heaven!

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    This will be our third trip to CSS and we have always stayed in a Penthouse Suite. Our first trip we were in the Steve McQueen Suite in D Block and our second trip we were in E Block. We loved E Block! It was close to the Balloon Bar and we had nice sloping stairs down to the main beach. I think you just need to be open to all the room options. You are in a Jamaican Paradise, the room as long as it is clean, and well tended and you are with the person you love, I think all the rooms are great. I have a soft spot for CSS!

    All the best,

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