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Thread: Wi fi @ CTI

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    Default Wi fi @ CTI

    Is there free wi-fi in the rooms and how well does it work?

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    CTI has free wifi. It can be picked up in some of the rooms. The best signal is in the lobby.
    Irie Mon

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    how about by the pool??

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    WE were right above the swim up bar and the internet worked great from our room.

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    there are 3 wifi hotspots at CTI, one at the lobby, one from the internet cafe (our room was right above the cafe, only got signal on the balcony) and another near the pool bar if I remember correctly.

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    Default Wi-Fi at CTI

    Just got back from CTI - FANTASTIC vacation. Wi-Fi from at least 3 points CTI-East, CTI-Lobby and CTI-SwimupPool. Sometimes the signals weren't the best but definitely improving since our prior visti.

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