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    Default Couples Negril Here We Come

    Okay. Today is a red-letter day. We are officially coming back to
    Couples Negril, December 1-8, 2011. We are renewing our vows and have been married 25 years on December 5, 2011. We are so, so excited. See you in December!

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    Congrats!! We went on our 25th and HAD to go back every year and made it to the 30th! Isn't it an awesome thing to anticipate?

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    Congrats also!
    We renewed our vows on 12/21/04. It was thirty years for us and I had to talk Brenda into it. The Staff at CN was wonderful and took care of everything! As we didn't have to do anything except get dressed and walk out of our room onto the beach it was more enjoyable than our wedding day for us. I know it was much warmer than PA in December!
    Have fun, relax and have a wonderful time.

    Welcome Home!

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    It is awesome to think about. Don and I didn't have a big wedding and never got to shop for a wedding dress. I am loving every minute of this. Not only the anticipation but knowing that we are going back to CN. We have never been so relaxed in our lives. Thanks for the congrats!

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