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    Default CSS - shopping excursion

    What is included on the shopping excursion from CSS? This is our first Couples trip and we are wanting to spend as much time as possible at the resort. Is it worth venturing off-site for shopping?

    68 days and counting!

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    We don't go on the shopping excursion, for the reson you said. Don't want to miss anytimeat CSS.
    We wait for when we are at the airport going hime. Plenty of shops to shop in

    Also plenty of vendors visit the resort on a daily basis

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    We went on the shopping excursion to pick up a few souvenirs. The allotted time for shopping was wayyyy longer than we needed. We ended up taking a cab back to the resort with another couple.

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    We enjoy going into Ocho Rios and doing some shopping and looking for the best bargains. We usually just take a taxi so we can come and go as we want. We get dropped off at the Island Village Shopping Ctr and walk down the street to the Tajmahal Shopping Center too. There are a lot of nice shops. We get good prices on Blue Mountain Coffee, usually $16 a pound, if you like coffee. I guess it is a personal preference. We enjoy a break from the beach.

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    We take a driver to/from, and we go every year. Good jewelry/watch haggling!

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    The best buys are really at the resort or the airport. We did venture into town but took a cab back and forth so we could spend only the time we wanted to. I think it was about $25 cab fare. It was worth it. The shopping area by Margaritaville is nice and there is also another area not far from that area that had many shops.
    Mary Ann

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    CSS is so lovely (and sooooo relaxing). We enjoy the resort to the fullest and save the shopping for the airport. Several vendors are at the resort with their artistic buys.....and some great gifts can be purchased at the resort, as well.

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    Thanks everyone for the info!

    66 days!

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