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    Default first time flying on connecting flights info needed

    first time on a on direct flight, we leave vegas fly to charolette and lay over ther for 1.5 hr then on to mbj, Do we have to pick up our luggage when we arrive in charolette or does it just get transferred automatically, (we being canadians)flying with us airways

    also flying back from mbj we fly into toronto with aircanada and have a 2hr lay over do we have to reclaim out baggage and go thru customs then recheck it flying with aircanada, then connect with our flight home to calgary with aircanada also. never have taken any flights that were not direct flights so any bits of info are very much welcommed and appreciated.

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    On the way down you do not have to collect your luggage. That 1.5 hour layover will be more than plenty to find your next gate and grab a quick bite to eat if you had an early flight and didn't get breakfast befor leaving Vegas.

    On the way home...I'll let a fellow Canadian answer for you for sure.

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    When you fly to Jamaica, your luggage will automatically be transferred to the next flight.
    When you fly home, your first stop is the check for customs. You will need to reclaim your luggage, walk it through customs and then take it to the "recheck station" and it will be put on your connecting flight.

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