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    Default Romance Rewards Question

    We registered for romance rewards but that will be applied after our first visit right? Meaning, when we arrive we don't get the tshirts, etc. correct? It would be applied to the next time we go.

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    As a first time guest the only perk you get by registering for Romance Rewards is Trading Places. All the other perks kick in when you return to any Couples resort for your 2nd visit

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    you were right to pre register, but you will not be credited until the end of your stay for nights stayed.
    Did that clear it up?
    Don't worry you will want to come back.
    Kim trip #8 in May

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    Correct and you will be back.

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    Correct. The only portion of the RR program that applies to you for this trip is that you can "Trade Places" with CSA if you would like.

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