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    Planning a trip in June/July and was trying to decide which resort but after asking I think you nice folks helped me to booked CN. Now - I would like your help as to what NOT to miss, we will be there for our 25th anniversary and we do not drink so partying isnt for us. If there is something at CN that is a must do, please let me know. I am also planning on doing a private beach dinner, any thoughts on that?
    Also what is you opinion on what room to get, Garden view? Ocean view? Premier ?
    Any help will be greatly appreciated.

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    Default Welcome to CN!

    Hi dht,

    Congratulations on making a stellar choice - you'll love CN. There are things to do every day, if you want, or you can do nothing.

    We don't bother upgrading our room. They all look the same (except for suites), and the resort is so intimate, it's never a long walk to anywhere.

    When we were there in December with folks who hadn't been before, we really enjoyed the catamaran cruise to the cliffs, the tie-dying class, the kitchen tour, the ice carving demo, and the Jamaican cooking class. There will be a weekly schedule in your room describing what's going on every day. We took a highlighter and marked the ones we really wanted to see, then carried the schedule with us every day. We had to set a watch alarm to remind us, though. That sand gravity on the beach is strong!

    Welcome to the Couples family, and enjoy your trip.


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    Great choice!!! We just love playing bocce ball/horse shoes on the beach as the sun is setting. Simple, I know, but really a highlight for us. (We tend to spend every moment we can on the beach.)

    Not sure if they still do it, but they did a fashion show one day a week. You can "model" clothes from the boutique. Doesn't matter your shape/size/age. It was really a hoot when we did it.

    Floating in the water is a must do.


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    Every morning you can see the list of daily activities on a board at breakfast. There is so much to do or not do. Our first time at CN, we just sort of walked around and took it all in. The only must do I would say is do the cat cruise. Sometimes we go twice in a week. Book a garden room. We went on our 25th and now we go every year and it's our 30th this year. We have not done a private dinner. You are going to love it!

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    IMHO it doesn't matter which room you choose. Except for the suites, all the rooms are the same inside...and you don't spend that much time in them.
    Activities--try to do all the included activities from the watersports to the tie-dying....they will keep you busy!
    Private dinner--we did a private dinner in the treehouse---it was unbelievably fantastic!! Having the server come to collect you at your room and escort you to your dinner made me feel like royalty. You can even provide your special music for the dinner. No matter which resort you go to, enjoy!!

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    As most stated. I would not worry what room you get. We had a oceanview last time and it really isn't what I thought a ocienview would be. But all the rooms are basically the same. The resort is not large as stated and you can get from point A to point B rather quiclkly. I do not drink either and had a good time. I did snorkelling and diving, both day and night. My fiance did the fashion show and we played a good bit of volleyball. We did a lot of nothing most of the time.

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    Beergirl couldn't have said it better. We're thinking about a third trip to CN in August. Loved using the hobie cats (mini sail boats) around the bay, next time we'll take the kayaks out and explore a few coves as well. Also we've missed the kitchen tour and are eager to see that. Tie dye was fun too, definitely do the catamaran cruise. The beach and the pool are both fun in their own right, so be sure to spend some time at both! We also go for the garden view rooms. We're spending all day at the beach, how often do you get into a tropical garden? It's the best of both worlds as we really enjoy having coffee every morning on deck. Waking up with the resort, relaxing into the day is wonderful! You will really enjoy yourself no matter what you do.

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    Default Paul Tucker...

    What ever you do don't miss Mr. Paul Tucker in the Piano bar three nights a week. Tuesday, Friday and Saturday. He is the man...
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    "Just Me"... Joe D.

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