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    Default Must-do's at CSA

    My wife and I will be making our first trip to CSA this June, and are looking for some advice from you seasoned veterans.

    What are the must-do's at CSA? The things that we absolutely HAVE to experience while we are there.



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    My wife and I were at CSA last year and will be there again April 30. Some of the things we did were the catamaran cruise, snorkling, glass bottom boat, shopping trip and the cooking class. The nature walk of the grounds was very informative. My wife just got new knees so we plan to try a few more things this year. No matter what you do, you'll enjoy every moment you are there.

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    These are the things we really look forward to:
    Martini Bar-The bartenders are great and the martinis are a work of art. We stop by almost every night for a martini before or after dinner.
    Ultimate Chocolate at the Piano Bar-Besides beiing a lot of fun, Ultimate is one of the nicest, most sincere men you will ever meet.
    Moonlight walks-Take a walk along the beach either on the path or along the water. Very Romantic. Or just lay in one of the hammocks and enjoy the sound sof the evening.
    The Beach-Leave the resort and walk along the beach. Facing the water, go left. There is a ton to see. Bars, shops, people.
    Breakfast at Patios-We take turn between Palms and Patios but I love the Banana Stuffed French Toast at Patios.
    And relax, enjoy each other.

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    Spend one day doing nothing but lounging on the beach. Dont leave until the sun goes down.

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    Book your catamaran cruise, reservations at Feathers, and your first, yes first, snorkeling trip when you arrive. The reef is very alive and there are 3 sites that CSA take you to for snorkeling so be ready to go back out more than once. Walks along the beach are great. You can go from end to end although if you go north there is a small stretch you have to walk a foot path to get back to the beach. You will pass several other resorts and several small shops and bars. The waters edge is public so no problem Mon. Most of all, take a float out into those warm waters and relax.

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    Wow, we will be there the first week of May and can barely stand to wait any longer! I must say...we have been on a diet trying to prepare for this trip and the mention of banana stuffed french toast has my mouth watering!! LOL We are so looking forward to our experience at Couples!

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    Sleep naked.

    Life is good

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    The basket weaving class is great. The jewelry making one is good too. Nigel and the other fellow whose name I cannot remember are really nice guys and great to talk to. We also love all the water sports. We love snorkeling, scuba diving, the glass bottom boat, catamaran cruise, hobbie cats, etc.

    We love breakfast at the Palms, the pasta bar at the Palms for dinner and the Cabana Grill for lunch. They sure do have some great onion rings!!

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    Have Eduardo make you a Bob Marley, ...and nighty night

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    Eat the snapper sandwich at Seagrapes. (While you're there, try the fish tacos, too.)
    Drink at least ONE Red Stripe -- even if you're not into beer.
    Try the soup. Anywhere. Everywhere. Always try the soup.
    Visit the fitness center. Make an appointment with the personal trainer over there. He's fabulous. (You'll need to after beer and sandwiches and soup. LOL.)
    Lay on your back on one of the fabulous floaties on the beach. Yup. They are great.
    Go snorkeling at least once.
    Go on the catamaran cruise at least once.
    Dine at Feathers at least once.
    If you have an Atrium suite, nap in your hammock. (Aaaaaahhhh.....)

    34 days and counting for us.

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    Don't miss the tennis! Private lessons are part of the all-inclusive plan, plus great clinics and round robins.

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    The jewelry guy is Jimmy, make your own or buy some of his. The hat guy is Dennis who began making hats, grasshoppers, hummingbirds etc. when he was twelve. Along with Nigel they are three of the nicest, most interesting people you will ever meet. Take the time to ask them questions and listen to their stories.

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    Go to the Martini Bar--it's above the Palms restaurant.
    Go snorkeling. It's so relaxing and romantic.
    Check out the fitness center across the street. It's awesome.
    Take a nice stroll across the property at night. The lighting is perfect.
    Have breakfast on your verandah.
    Eat the sweet potato chips and dips at Seagrapes.
    Enjoy! You will love it.

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    Grab a pattie and head to the beach. Float in the ocean with pattie and reggae sumfest in hand. Rinse. Repeat.

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