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    Default A question that has been asked 1000 times.

    I know you guys hear this alot and i've been doing alot of research... I think to much research.My wife and I are 31 and we like the somewhat low key party, we like beautiful beaches, we dont like to be hasseled while we rest.We are down to Couples Negril and CSS, and 1 from the other guys named after the presidents house.This will be our first trip out of the US to Jamaica, any suggestions or maybe a pointer would be nice, we plan on going between aug-oct. Thanks for any replies.

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    Swept away. Swept away. Swept away. We loved it. Big enough that there are loads of places to walk around to and be on your own. I hate being hassled as well but never felt this way at CSA. It was truly amazing.

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    Here are the links to the web pages for the two Couples resorts you are debating:

    Here is a link to the FAQ page for Couples resorts in general

    My first piece of advice...scrap the idea of that other resort. We've made 15 trips to Jamaica. Our first trip to a Couples resort was last October. Prior to that all our other trips were to the same resort, it allowed anyone which included families so we started to look for another option. I had always dreamed of going to that chain you are considering other than Couples so of course I started looking there first. I read the reviews on trip advisor, we had several friends that went at different times. Heard some good and some bad stuff but that's life right? I stumbled on to Couples and I will tell you that I can't imagine comparing the two. Also, we walked the beach from CSA down to the end and you get to see a lot of other resorts, one of them being one of those you are considering and the one we were considering...soooo glad we chose CSA. We weren't considering "the presidents house", but still so glad we made the choice we did!!!

    At Couples all the guests are treated equally by the staff. At the S resorts (such as the presidents house) guests can be treated different depending on the class of room they book. I guess if you are one of those in the higher class of room you might get a kick out of this but I wouldn't. We had a BFVS, one of the better rooms at CSA and I still wouldn't have wanted to have any special privileges. The staff didn't know what room I was in when I was on the beach or at a meal. The only time anyone knew what room I was in was when they walked by my verandah and saw me sitting there...fine with me.

    Read the reviews here for CN and CSS since those are the two you are considering. The beauty of Couples (in my opinion) is that though they are owned by the same chain each resort is very different in it's appearance and atmosphere. CN and CSS are as different as any two resorts on the island so you'll need to decide which one is really calling to you.

    Truthfully, you will find people on this board who swear each of the four is THE BEST resort so it's impossible for us to choose one for you. The only thing I will say based on your post is that the beaches in Negril simply can't be beat.

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    I believe CSA would be for you since you mentioned beautiful beaches, and since it's Couples you will be taken care of as royalty, no hassles at all.

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    We have been to both. CSS has lovely grounds, wonderful rooms with a great jacuzzi tub and room service that is fantastic. Walking up the hill to the lobby and restaurants...not so good. The beach...not so great. Private, but very small. If you are looking for the best beach ever (imho) Negril is the best. Nice soft white sand and blue water. Bloody bay is phenomenal for sailing. CN Laid back? yes. Party atmosphere? not really. The other place you refer to, have no idea. We will never try, since Negril is the preferable side of the island for us.

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    wouldn't waste my time even giving the other place any credence.
    Now you must understand, this somewhat slanted, biased, opinionated, view of Couples, comes after 16 years and 30 trips to the now, CTI and one visit to CSS.

    The choice is simple. You will not be disappointed. Each will give you a most unique experience that will leave you with some of the best feelings. Ever.

    Both have great food, drink, gorgeous property, and lots more. but the single most important factor at any of the four Couples resorts is, their staff.

    They are pleasant, engaging,knowledgeable, extremely hard working, and have a very high standards to work under.

    So back to your question. They will both be awesome.

    Trust me


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    Default NEGRIL or Ochos RIOS

    We are Celebrating our 10 year Anniversary and are trying to decide on Couple Negril or Couples CSS in Ochos Rios ...Any thoughts are appreciated! Thank you!

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    If you are into beaches then one of the Negril resorts would be best. As nice as CSS is, we thought it was a little too quiet and we felt a little confined there. We like to go for long walks on the beach and you can't do that at the Ochie resorts. We leave for CSA in 4 days for trip #4 to CSA. Good luck deciding, they are all good!

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    If you want nice long walks on the beach, then you may wish to consider Negril. If you a longing for a romantic hide away and tropical lush gardens....then CSS may be calling you. Either can't make a bad decision. It's all good. Keep reading the message boards & researching....the resort will call to you. Half the fun is the journey :-)

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    CSS is paradise on earth

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    The food at the white house isn't near as good. CN or CSA.

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    Seeing how you are 31, I would suggest either CN or CSA. I have heard that Negril beaches are nicer. Wife and I stayed at CSS. CSS is extremely beautiful, but the beach itself is average. We just loved CSS, but the beach wasnt the reason

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    Having just returned from css my opinion is bias and I have no basis for comparison. Me and the hubby are both 30 with young kids so we are not big partiers. We had a blast... the time of our life at CSS. There was enough nightlife to keep us entertained but not so much it was crazy and overwhelming. The beach is small, I didn't venture to the an side but I have heard it is bigger and nicer. Just don't expect to be able to walk the beach at css as that would take a whole minute tops. Still it was never crowded. What we fell in love with at CSS was the grounds. They are gorgeous. Our pics look like they were taken somewhere fictional, the grounds are that perfect. there are winding paths thru the grounds with hidden hammocks and it is so quiet and peaceful. Hope someone gives you some info on cn so you can come to a decision but css was amazing and I highly recommend it!

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    CSA 2009, 2014 [20th anniversary]
    CSS 2010
    CN 2011
    CTI 2017 [50th birthday & 23rd anniversary], 2019 [25th anniversary]

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    My in-laws have stayed at Negril and they liked it cause of the long white beach and more of the party atmosphere. We stayed at CSS and like it cause it was more romantic and a little more quiet. So if you like a little more low key then CSS is the ticket.
    CSS OCT 2009, 2011, 2014,2015

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    Beaches in Negril are some of the best in the world!!! We always go back to CN and CSA...with CN always winning our heart. Although we'd really like to try CSS or CTI, the beach is very important to us so we stick with Negril. Given your "beautiful beaches" criteria, I'd say go with CN.

    And definitely forget about the other. The amazing loyalty of Couples speaks for itself. I never thought we'd be one of those couples who traveled to the same place over and over again. Then we found Couples!!!

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    Stay your course on looking at the Couples Resorts.

    At the Couples Resorts you are treated as family and not just another number.

    Both CN and CSS are outstanding resorts..Both offer different items and the differences are wonderful.

    You are never hassled at a Couples Resort..Never.!!

    CN has the best beach..I think it is located on "the" beach of Negril.
    CSS is the most beautiful of the four Couples resorts.
    We love both CN and CSS and we also love CTI.

    The Couples Resorts hosts the world's greatest guests so wobble up to them,say hi,swap hugs and make some life long hugging friends.

    SO..Just continue to look at a Couples Resort.
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    We have only visited CSS and have not been to CN. We have our 5th trip to CTI booked for July. We have stayed and visited the S resorts and don't care to return. As stated previously, you treated by the class of your room. At CTI, everyone is the same. Unlimited use of the restaurants, no overbooking because the other resorts can't make reservations to the restaurants, only those guests staying there unless of course they have paid the substantial fee for the day pass.

    Just keep visiting the websites for the resorts and you will find one that you will keep coming back to and that will be the one "calling" to you.

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    Thanks for all the input, I'm going to stop all the research and just make the reservations for Negril, thanks again, I know you guys get that question alot.

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