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    Default CSA August 22-27, 2011

    anyone else going during this time?

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    There is a group of 6 of us going to SweptAway from Aug 19-28. We have all been to CTI (previously COR) 3 times, CN 3 times and CSA twice.

    All are ages 47-48, 2 couples from NJ and 1 from Texas.

    Welcome is this your first or repeaters.

    Treasurer, Jay B.

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    This is our first trip to CSA, actually our first trip to Jamaica! We will be staying in an Atrium room. Our only real plan for the trip is to relax and maybe go horseback riding. Is there anything you'd recommend seeing/doing?

    We are both 27 and will be coming from Nebraska.

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    My wife and I will be at CSA Aug 17-24th our 10 yr Anniversary. My first time out of the US EVER!

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    2 things I recommend.

    Every year we go of-site to the cliffs for dinner. The place we go to is called 3 dives and you can find them on the net. It is about a 15 minute cab ride. They have Jerk Chicken and lobster along with other things, tyou watch the sunset from the top of the cliffs and they do a big bon-fire once the sun goes down. Cost for a couple is around $50 plus beers and taxi.

    A few years back we did an all day excursion for about $90. per person. We took a 1 hour bus ride and about 14 of us got in a small boat and drove down the coast dolphin watching (they come up to the boat), you then go to the pelican bar which is about 1/2 to 1 mile out at sea, then up the black river where the alligators are right beside the boat, next stop ids the bar in the middle of no where and you can rope swing into the river (no gators this far up), then you finish the day at the water falls.

    I can send you pictures if you want. email me at

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    Default August vacation

    Hi Jay, Just thought we'd check in! Glad to hear that the "Six Pack" will be vacationing at CSA this year. Fred and I are pretty positive that we'll also be there during the last 2 weeks of August. Hoping all is well . . . Pat and Fred

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    Default We are August also!!

    My husband and I will be staying at CSA August 20-28th. This is our second stay at CSA and can't wait! We will be celebrating our 35th Anniversary on the 21st. We are from Wisconsin, USA and we are ages 55 & 56. Last time we stayed in an Atrium suite and really loved it so we are doing the same this time. CSA is a fabulous resort! We are counting the days!!

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    Default We Are Also First Time Visitors

    My wife and I are also going to be there from 08/21-08/27. This is our first time going to Jamaica on vacation. I have been to Kingston before on business. We are looking forward to meeting some new people at CSA and enjoying ourselves. We are 48 and 45. Hope to see some of you there.

    Ben and Sharon

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    We'll be there 8-20 thru 9-3,it's almost here! This will be our 4th time to CSA we will be celebrating our 42nd anniversary. We are hoping to make it to the Pelican Bar this trip. Anyone else planning a trip there during this time?

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    Both of those things sound amazing! We are a little apprehensive about going off the resort or taking a cab in a foreign country but you have me questioning myself. Just makes me nervous. The $90 per person excursion sounds AWESOME. Do you happen to remember who you booked that through? Do you guys plan on doing that again this trip? If you have some pictures you could share that would be great! My email is
    We only have (almost) 31 days until we are there! We can not wait!! So excited to get out of Nebraska and to JAMAICA!

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