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    Hello All,

    My very soon to be wife and I are getting married April 30th 2011 and are trying Couples for the first time for our honeymoon May 2nd-10th. We are both very excited and can't wait to be lounging on the beach in the sun at CSA! We are in need of your help though...

    There is an overwhelming amount of threads about CSA (here's one more). What we need to know is... what do we need to do (in advance as well as on the trip) to make the most of our honeymoon? We need... a complete CSA Guide. Anything and everything from clothes to pack, money to bring for tipping, events to try, food to eat, etc... Any tips or tricks you can think of. We are both fairly active people and really just want to have the best time we possibly can! Any information you could give us would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance!


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    Hey jon, Congrats on your upcoming wedding...Before I get to far in to this let me say. You sound alot like we were the first time we visited CSA, We are so used to living in a " Fast Paced " lifestlye that we forgot what this trip was really all about. We wanted everything planned out and schedules, but we realized that is not what this trip should be, we are on schedules all the time why do we want to be on one for vacation. My biggest peace of advise it relax and just go with what ever happens, after all your are in Jamaica at one of the greatest resorts there is, enjoy it and just take it in, and remeber once you arrive throw your watch in the safe, you are offically on ISLAND TIME...OK let me jump off the soap box !!

    I can't tell you about packing because everyone is different in what they like. I will say it warm and humid being in the tropics and I would not wear anything heavy, I wore linen shirts and pants/shorts the whole time if I did not have on board shorts. never wore shoes either flip flops or dress sandles for dinner.

    We brought about 500 in cash just in case. I broke one of the hundreds into 20's, 10's, 5's, & 1's for tipping the guys at the airport about 1 dollar a bag each and gave the driver a 10 for not killing us..LOL, we used cash for parasailing and buying from some of the local vendors around the resort. They can also make change for you at the gift shop. CSA used to have an ATM machine as well in the upstairs secton of the loby but I don't know if it is still there.

    Lemongrass and Feathers both require reservtions,it is best to try and make arrangments for these as soon as they give you a room number. Friday night is the party and buffet on the beach so try and schedule it on different days.

    All the activities like diving, snorkeling, and the cat cruise have to be signed up for a day in advance and they can fill up quickly as well so try and plan for that and reserve quickly. Snorkeling was our favorite and we tried to do it on more than one occasion, they will go to different sites so there is something new to see each time, also night snorkeling is and it is very fun if you are interested. beeing your honeymoon if you have the extra cash I would recommend doing a private dinner on the beach, it is a one of a kind experience.

    The gym is gret early in the mornings if you like a good workourt like I do before you start your day, it is nice to walk around the resort early just as everything is starting to come alive in the morning. Definately try to make it to the aurora loinge and catch andd Ultimate choclate show on the piano.

    That should get you started if you have any other questions feel free to ask, and above all remeber to relax you are in Jamaica and it's all good, Liek they told us " If your Late, we wait, no problem Maan !!!! "

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    I think to save time you should search some previous threads. There is a packing guide thread that is really long and informative. Don't overpack. You will lve in your bathing suit the whole time except to eat at night.

    Look up the sample activities and menus on the CSA page. That will give you a good idea. Not much can be done before you go other than know what you wanna do when you get there. Once you get there you will need to make reservations for a few dinners (feathers, lemongrass, private beach dinner if necessary) as well as the catamaran and snorkeling. There is an orientation tour you can take once there to help even more if you are interested.

    I like to make a note of what days certain things are offered (catamaran, snorkeling, beach parties) so I can plan better. You don't wanna miss something because you didn't know about it. Once you get there you will see an actual activities schedule to help even more. Relax and enjoy n

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    Hi Jon,
    My wife and I will be there April 30 May 7. Congratulations on your upcoming wedding. You picked the perfect place for a honeymoon. We had our first honeymoon at CSA last year.. had so much fun we're doing a second honeymoon this year. The other posts are pretty much spot on. We enjoyed the glass bottom boat, catamaran, snorkeling, but mostly the relaxing atmosphere, great food, the beautiful beach and the ocean and just being with each other. Just relax and go with the flow.

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    Hi Jon,

    Congrats on your wedding! My fiance are actually getting married on April 30th, as well, and will be honeymooning at CSA May 1-13. This will be our first trip to Jamaica and couldn't be more exited after hearing the tremendous feedback on CSA and Couples in general!! Thank you to everyone who has been so informative and enthusiastic on the message board! G & I live in Los Angeles, are very active and are beach people- so I'm sure we'll bump into you on the sand at CSA. Coming from the cold Pacific, I CAN'T WAIT to feel the warm water of the Caribbean between my toes (while sipping many a cold cocktail, of course)... Congrats again on the wedding and we look forward to meeting you guys. See you soon!


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    My best advice is: go to Orientation, its offered at 10am and 5pm. That way you will make the most of your time at CSA - you will get all of your questions answered, you will know where everything is, how and where to book in for any activities you want to do and be introduced to some of the great staff there. It doesnt take long and will save you time in the end. You have chosen a great resort for your homeymoon!

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    You are not on a tour of Jamaica where they rush you from place to place and you don't really get to enjoy any of it. You are on vacation, the wedding is enough to stress about (although at Couples there is no reason to worry), so relax, take a breath, and enjoy. My wife and I usually try to plan 4-5 things to do on every trip and if we do 2 or 3 of them we are happy. It usually comes down to deciding between an off site trip or floating in the warm refreshing Caribbean waters with the hot sun above. Yes...the float usually wins! Just make sure you take advantage of the basics. Reserve your meals at Feathers and Lemongrass when you arrive. Make sure to book the catamaran trip and go snorkeling early in your stay as you will want to do it again and again. Make sure they take you to the "Mexico" site as it is amazing. There are 3 sites to snorkel in all. You may want to book the trip to The Caves to watch the sunset and cliff divers, or are those cliff jumpers? They used to go to Rick's. Remember to bring your bathing suit and try a jump yourself. Mostly though just order coffee and some fruit to be delivered to your room early and enjoy it on your balcony while soaking up the view then stroll down for your regular breakfast at either the buffet at the Palms or the sit down at Patois. Then smile at each other as you enjoy the paradise you are starting your new life together in.

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    Hello, no worries once you arrive to CSA, this is our 3rd return to couples, we arrive april 30 to may 7th. I find that i enjoy floating, sunning and lots of relaxing, although there are plenty of activities to enjoy also, and lets not forget the spa.This is the first time i have planned a private dinner to celebrate our 5 th wedding anniversary. You will love CSA

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    I concur with all responses given but also let me mention what we did. I composed a list before we left, day to day, of the things that we were possibly interested in doing. I kept the list in my beach bag. When we first arrived at the beach in the morning, I would look at the list and decide if I really felt like doing any or all of the items that I wrote down. At any Couples Resorts, one can be as busy as you want to be or as laid-back as you want to be. By doing this, I didn't miss out on something specific that I REALLY wanted to participate in. I would have been disappointed had I got home and thought to myself, "geez, I really wanted to do that" but missed out on the opportunity. Also, I agree in that a few things require advance registration so after composing "the list", I reviewed it to see what days might be good for the catamaran cruise, snorkeling, massage, dinner at Feathers and Lemongrass or an off-site excursion. When we arrived, we did the first available orientation and I also booked our must-dos. With this being said, advance preparation worked for us and NOW my mind could be at rest and I could fully relax. After all, isn't that the whole point of a vacation?

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    Read the FAQs....all of them.
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