Even though it's just a little cold and grey and overcast. Is there such a thing as an"undercast"?? just a random thought. Syl and I are in this same place at this same time. Very nice to say the least.
We are at the stage where we now must question everything else that has to get in. "Can you get along without that... this time"? "What about the stuff for kids"? "Already got it". "Thank you". I'm not really sure why we play this dance each time, it could be one of those things that we may need to readjust. Again. But for now, the music plays and we continue doing our dance.
The vibes are super. We may enter or leave a room, and as we do, our eyes meet but no sound is heard. Just the subtle contact with our eyes and a smile on each others face. She's thinking, "This is terrific, I'm really excited"", he's thinking, "I know,so am I"

Moving on. I love this time of year.