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    Default No Tipping-Gifts OK?

    Since there is NO TIPPING allowed, are leaving gifts for housekeeping etc. permitted?
    Dee & J

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    Yup, we always take a few bags of miniature chocolates and the entire staff seems to enjoy them. We leave them on our pillow for housekeeping, on the mini-bar for the person who stocks it daily and leave a few at the gift shops, front desk, guest relations desk, tour desk, water sports, etc every once in a while. We have also taken caps and t-shirts to the water sports guys.
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    But are workers "allowed" to take items like caps etc. off the property? The reason I ask is because some resorts DO NOT allow...
    Dee & J

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    I have been told by the staff that to take items off the resort, they need a note with your name and room number. When I gave gifts (no matter how small) to the staff I put them in a small gift bag with my name and room number

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    I think the candy is a good idea. I gave our mini bar guy snacks
    like twix bars and reeses cups that I got on the plane( in Delta business class they trot out a basket of goodies a couple of times during the flight.) That way the evidence can be consumed before leaving the property. LOL

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    We also always bring gently read novels as they are apparently expensive there on the island. We also bring school supplies.

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    I bring at least 12 paperbacks....our housekeeper LOVED them (mostly romance novels), but asked that I write her a quick note indicating room number, my name and her name....This was the easiest gift I could bring, as I read a LOT and never want to bring any back home....

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    At CN when we gave gifts we definitely had to enclose a note with our names and room number on it. Then I believe the employee can "clear" it with their manager.

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    Teresa and I always bring gifts, perfumes and jewelry for the ladies and hats, bandanas and small led flashlights for the guys. This since we saw our CTI friend Debbie passing out her beautiful handmade ankle bracelets to the ladies on staff. they were very excited to receive them. We had tshirts made with the old lion logo and passed them out to staff, they were quite a hit! Anything you bring will be very much appreciated.

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    We are awaiting our first trip to Couples in August.

    Can anyone tell me if there are items that the staff cannot get in Jamaica that we could bring to them as gifts?

    What would they love to have from the States?

    I know it is not required, but I want them to have a terrific time and to feel our appreciation!

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    I always bring the ladies lotions from Bath and Body Works.

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