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    Default CN Private Dinner Question

    Hello, everyone,

    The time is flying, but not fast enough! We'll arrive at CN for our honeymoon on July 5, and it still seems decades away (and I still have that silly pesky detail of the wedding to plan...!).

    I was thinking my hubby and I might want to do the private dinner one night while we're there. I was thinking Sunday evening, because it looks from the schedule like that's not a night when there's something really epic going on (I wouldn't want to schedule a dinner during the bonfire, for instance!). It'll also be our one-week wedding anniversary, and I am sentimental

    Is there anyone out there who's done the dinner in the treehouse AND on the beach? Which one's better? Or, even if you haven't done both, do you have an opinion about the locations?

    We're also going to get a couples massage (since it's our honeymoon)--are there different locations for that too, or are they done in the spa area? If there are locations for that, which is best? Should we do massages on the beach and dinner in the tree house? Everything up in the treehouse (avoid the sand fleas!)?

    Any thoughts? And any opinions about what time of day to arrange for the massage?

    Thanks! WOOOOOOOO! EXCITED!!!!!!!!

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    We have not had a private dinner at CN, but we did have one at CSS. We have been to CN 4 times.

    Since the treehouse was built, it's the only place for the couples massage. The beach hut is too open to the public, with just curtains providing privacy and with the wind blowing them open, it isn't a very private place. It is right next to a sidewalk on one side and people walking on the beach on the other side. You will be naked you know! The rooms at the spa would be our second choice.

    The best place for a private dinner is also the treehouse. Our second choice would be the wedding gazebo in one of the garden areas and next to a pond. I would stay away from the beach and sand fleas as you mentioned. Also, if it's windy, the soft sand will be blowing into your food!!!
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    Congratulations, I can't think of a beter place to celebrate.

    We will be at CN from 07/01 to 07/09 and hope to meet up with you
    for a drink or two or three.
    we have never had the private dinner at any of the Couples resorts but have scheduled it for the Tree House this time.

    If you go to the Negril thread, select reasturants/dining thread and go almost to the bottom of the page you can see the sample menues and also a link for private dining to reserve the tree house before you go. Couples will send you a form to fill out and then you fax it back to them.

    If you go to the Negril Meet Up page you will find a thread for July 2011 and also a picture thread starting in June/July of 2011.

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    @Gracie611 Congrats on the wedding. Thanks for asking this question. We will be joining one day later 6th on our Honeymoon as well. All questions we had too!

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    Default TreeHouse

    Just curious why you choose treehouse over beach ? We too will be there until July 4th and want to do private dinner but was leaning toward beach. Theytold me we had option of beach, treehouse or quazbo.

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    Default treehouse

    We had planned on dinner on the beach, but it rained and we were moved to the treehouse...I LOVED IT!! [My boyfriend proposed there!]. I saw the dinner set up another night on the beach, and it was not as secluded and romantic as the treehouse. People can walk right by the dinner that's set up on the beach. Either will be fantastic I am sure! My [now] finacee and I are returning July 31st for our honeymoon!!

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    We just returned from Couples Negril and on our return dinner night we bought our friends that were new to Jamaica Dinner on the beach. It unfortunately rained but cleared up in time but they were moved to th Treehouse. They said it was the best meal and service they have ever had and loved it. They said it was very peaceful.

    Enjoy and Congratulation!!

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