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    Default Kelli & Stacy 4/4/11 CTI

    We were married 4/4 at CTI. We used Diana Campbell for the photos and video and she had everything back to us the next afternoon. Here is a snip it of our pics! There are so many and they are all fun

    we brought a few of our own ideas and she and Richard just made them 10 times better!!/album.php...24&aid=2173908

    feel free to add me to friends or let me know if you want to see more!

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    Your pictures are beautiful!! Congrats!
    Becky & Dave
    CSS July 2012 (Wedding @ CSS 7.18.12)
    CN July 2012

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    Congrats!! Your dress is friggin fabulous!! You looked gorgeous, hun! Glad to hear all went well, looks like the perfect wedding day. Enjoy the married life!!
    Seeing all these great photos gets me more and more excited for my turn!

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    Loved your pictures. Have a question, your cake was decorated really pretty, did you bring stuff or did they do that for you?

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    Your wedding was so beautiful. I can tell how in your photos how much fun you and your hubby had. Congratulations ♥

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    thanks everyone! we brought our own cake topper (it's huge, nearly the size of the cake) it was a gift and is very ornate. all of the flowers etc that you see are attached to the topper. i was actually worried that it may not fit on the cake... they decorated the cake with cute little swirls and and green stripes to match my topper.

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    I loved the cake topper, I thought it made the cake look so much bigger! You did look beautiful! Thanks for sharing

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    If any of you want a cake topper (customized to you of course) I got it from

    Eggs-Quisite Creations

    They are hand made from ostrich eggs.

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    Your pics are awesome! Congrats!
    No need to rush what fait has in store...

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