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    Default SSB May 20 - 29 Anybody else?

    We are returning to San Souci May 20 - 29 for the best AN facilities in the couples chain. Anybody else coming then?

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    Default SSB May 20 - 29 Anybody else?

    We will be there 5/18 to 5/25...

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    We will be there 5/28-6/2....Can't wait this is our fifth time to CSS!

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    We'll be there May 26-June 2!

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    Will be there May 8th to 14th

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    We will be making our first trip to Couples and will be trying AN for the first time around the end of May. We are pretty excited but of course apprenhive. This board is great to answer all questions. Any other words of advice that have not been posted here already?

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    june 1- 8 here so it sounds like we'll see some of u in passing

    geaux tigers- not the world's expert on the topic but it seems that most who try become near instantly comfortable w it plus a little rum never hurts

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